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Hero Builds
The Suprise/ Jungle Legion Commander
by Martial Law
This is what i have found useful for Legion commander when playing solo or with a good support. It is used for jungleing and fast solo damage at around lvl 6. Hope u enjoy...
Hero Builds
Legion Damage
by S[A]nt[A]ni
Hard Carry...
Hero Builds
Right way to go fishing
by Šćule
think this is the right way to play Slark get pounce very fast and it has low cooldown, so none can esceape, and if geting first spell that fast, you will deal too much damage to yourself 2.with right farming you will on lvl 6 become very gay becou...
Hero Builds
Crystal Maiden - Toksi86
by Toksi
Hero Builds
Best Mirana Build
by Yvette :)
Follow my guide and feel like a pro the key for playing mirana is teamwork and work with that nasty arrow this guide will ensure a good game ...
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MaNGH's Mirana Build
by MaNGH
Mirana offlane or mid build...
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победная страта...
Hero Builds
Combo Time
by lol
Hero Builds
Rk.0 - Drow66 (Hard Carry)
by MMx66
Esta guia es para aprender a usar la Drow correctamente, no te estoy obligando a hacer lo que dice mi guia, a medida que vas avanzando te encontraras con cosas distintas y no puedes seguir las guias al pie de la letra en todas las ocasiones. Ultima modi...
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