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Heroes: Drow Ranger
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Hero Builds
by James Havok
Hero Builds
Nish.Middle ranger
by Nish
Easy win with drow ranger....
Hero Builds
by ҉҉҉ Punky҉҉
Hero Builds
[Ni/] Drow Ranger
by Ni\/
Лучшая сборка на Drow Ranger...
Hero Builds
ПЛЮСЫ ГЕРОЯ: + Отличная способность Silence на 6 секунд + Практически не дает нормально качаться с начала игры + Большая дистанция видимости но...
Hero Builds
6.81- Drow Ranger Standard [Lane/ Middle]
by Sir Aleksandr Baryshnikov
Traxex the Drow Ranger is a ranged agility hero whose greatest assets are her incredible damage and ability to keep threats at bay. Traxex is a carry who, though lacking survivability, provides a worthwhile contribution through her damage alone. Drow Rang...
Hero Builds
Hard Carry Lane
by †Ìm sorrў†
Сборка для катки...
Hero Builds
[&gt;L8 Game Carry&lt;]
by MLG Gurny
this is a buil i have been using for a long time now and it absolutely wreaks!!! hopefully everything is in order. and also once you have gotten the phase boots, ring of aquila, morbid mask and a shadow blade i would sudjest upgradeing the morbid mask int...
Hero Builds
Drow Rranger (Mid Carry)
by dddolphin
This is a guide to Drow Ranger as a middle lane, ganking, carry. Drow is known for her fast attack speed due to her ULTI and her silence then frost arrows combo. She is very good at picking off an enemies that are lone....
Drow Ranger (Traxex)
by SpideR
Traxex era uma habilidosa arqueira em seu oprimido lar subterrâneo, o Underdark, até que revoltou-se com a crueldade dos seus e fugiu para o mundo da superfície. Como parte de sua revolta, juntou-se aos Sentinelas, levando sua excelente pontaria ao com...
Hero Builds
wolf stalker
by Wolf Blood
most effective in mid lane but i use in all all lanes...
Hero Builds
Сборка "от Игоряна"
Заебись сборка!...
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger build by BuZ
by BuZ #roadto5k
Drow Ranger build by BuZ...
Hero Builds
Drow for Ginger_Candy
by ColdBlood
for ginger candy...
Hero Builds
by DJ artmir
Inba pick!...
Hero Builds
Os.Temi its good Ranger
by Os.kaipi
Os.Temi the good traxex...
Hero Builds
by BuTac
Super Gyorl...
Hero Builds
This Boss Beast of a Drow
by Bushi
This Build Will Win You The Game If Your Team Don't Feed....
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger Push Pro
by Na'Bo.Heanca
Pusher solo in line...
See my new montage by Dota. ^)
by [Kuzya](RUS)
Если кому то понравился ролик, просьба если не сложно поддержите меня лайком на ютубе! If someone you liked the movie, please not difficult support me on YouTube Like!...
Hero Builds
WereWulf(Drow Ranger)
by [O_X]WereWolF
Помогает постояно!!!...
Hero Builds
[DR][Lane]-By FrOsTyA
by FrOsTyA
Lane-Middle Drow Ranger...
Hero Builds
Пуш на ботах!
by [DV]™ seletcov
Хиперстоны можно умень шать максимум до 2 и по возможности в конце собрать тараску если тащите в одиночку!...
Hero Builds
Master geme DROW RANGER
by Judo'ist
Hero Builds
Stealth Ranger
by Neomike
Hard survive build which combines ability of survive with massive damage and way, how to hold your enemy away from you. Good in 1v1, 1v2 and mass fights....
Hero Builds
Drow Ranger - Path of Dark
by Wexer
Hero Builds
by HawianHobo
its okay i guess...
Hero Builds
by iBolit
Вот так попроще, вро де бы....
Hero Builds
by andruha19841667
Hero Builds
by Na'Vi.Raditz
This Build for Traxex, Let's we do Rampage...
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