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Guide to solo MMR [HUSKAR] by R3niarT
by SM
This guide will help you learn how to play Huskar to it's full potential as a safe lane carry and hopefully help you increase your mmr....
NEVERWANNASWIM Guide's to Skywrath Mage (Support)
by timetosidequestshitz
Skywrath Mage the Spellspamer f*ck This guide helps you to rape everyone in the early stage of the game! ^_^...
Magic Bulalo Sinigang
by Don Corleone
Getting Started: Dota 2 Content in Source Filmmaker [SFM] - [Source 1]
by Wyk
This is a detailed picture guide on how to get Dota 2 content working in Source Filmmaker. NOTE: This is an updated version of the guide that was previously available on my blog. I have discontinued using that site and will continue to update this guide...
Selecting Heroes in All Pick
by Jarrod604
Frustrated when your favourite hero gets picked by someone else? Lost gold when the All Pick timer ran out? This guide will make choosing your next hero in All Pick a piece of cake!...
Tri-lanes. Use them.
by nice team
Got void on your oppoents team? Get aggressive tri-lane (viper/mirana/shadow demon) as an example. Farming in an aggressive tri-lane is very difficult for a carry like void to get any kind of gold advantage. Block camps off with wards so your opponent can'...
Rubick , i can steal your ulti !!
by Vegance
by D3partmentChef
How roam and play spectre like yed helene...
Blink in the forest counter wards guide. [RU\ENG]
by Aadamah
Данный гайд расскажет Вам, как надо правильно контрить надоедливого фуриона, тинкера, пуджа и остальных, кто использует блинк даггер для ухода в лес. ------------------------------------------ This guide will tell you how to properly of counter annoying ...
Squiglord's *Outdated* Guide to Juggernaut.
by Squigly
Alright kiddies, listen up. If you came to me for learning yours truly Yurnero the Juggernaut, you're in for a ride. I'd tell you to fasten your seatbelts, but I was too cheap to buy any. This guide is currently outdated, and I probably won't be rema...
Scambots - And how to avoid them (ENG-PT)
by todos shora
A quick-guide with basic knowledge about scambots....
Gold Demon
i want to creat new hero so this is the sample of it . ...
by ddm
Dota 2 Quotes = High MMR
by Annoying Player (G.O.D)
What are is motto as a Dota 2 player? My secret to high MMR are simply QUOTES, MOTTO, SAYINGS, ETC. that help me BOOST MY MORALE and have that WINNING MINDSET when playing a game of Dota. I'm usually a support player and my mottos as a support are, "...
MLG Burst Tusk/General Guide.
by Gazza
This guide is all about burst Tusk and why i find it the most fun and entertaining build for him. This build also contains just general features about this hero and why he should be picked up a lot more in pubs. So without further ado, let's begin....
Io The Wisp. The Ultimate Ganker (6.81)(Version 3)
by [Winter]MillionDollarDreamCoil
(NOTE:If the guide seems too long just browse the Kill/Relocate-Gank Section, that will show you Io's potential. Then just read skim through the skills section and the candidate- partners for relocates section.. If that does not interest you. It should at ...
Techies mid guide
by GeM1ni
Techies is a unique hero in Dota 2, which can be used as offensive and defensive roles. Back in dota 1 techies was used to be core mid laner. He used to be picked mostly by SEA teams like aka Avengers, PAV, DSS. He was very effective againts other mid lane...
Vengeful Jesus
by Shadestyle
You will die for your teammate's sins, rise again 30 seconds later, and then make sure the enemy dies for theirs. A lot. How you do this is by attacking the enemy at literally level one, if they don't kill you, then they are Fucking retarded, and you mo...
Phantom Assasin's Carry By Alif KaMaK
by ◢Nas Ne Dogonyat◤
Divine Rapier and YOU!
by Borken Xae
Many of you are wondering, "Should I buy a Divine Rapier?" Here is a guide to help you determine whether or not you should!...
Tether - The Dota 2 Ping Tester
by Krad
Here is the next build of my Dota 2 utility named Tether, a tool to check Dota 2 servers ping. It’s a very simple application and all the tasks can be done in other ways like using command prompt. I just make it for personal using and for people who aren’t...
How to Mirana (6.85 UPDATE)
by sadboys
This is a basic guide for Mirana the Potm of the Moon. I graduated top of my class in the Dota tutorial, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Roshan, and I have over 30000 confirmed kills. I am trained in tiger warfare and I’m the top sniper ...
A Peculiar Build for a Peculiar Bird
by Symphonyy
In this guide, i'll explain my own way to play Phoenix as a semi-carry....
Techies Mining Spots/Strategy/Items
by Akulav
Here you will see where to place the mines , having easy kills with techies and some strategy!...
Meepo's Annoying Dance
by Koken
Let's Dance I have seen some people playing with Meepo in a very defensive way, and they are also some kind of afraid of playing with Him. If you get Meepo in an All Random or Draft Pick, there is a good way to prove your courage and defend your...
The Amazing Venomancer
by nxmc
Learn to play venomancer as a strong pusher, hard harasser, and your favorite gooey green initiator. He will blow your mind with his amazing poisonous tricks!! USE THIS BUILD TO SUPPLEMENT
How o get first blood with Techies 90% success rate
Just buy a town portal scroll and go to the lane fast in order to plant 3 mines on the lane. If the opposit team will block their creeps you will get a easy first blood. video :
Brock's Detailed Meepo Guide
by Hot Nectar
Meepo is a Agility hero who is one of the most overlooked heroes in the game, By following this guide you may be better at playing Meepo and do 700+ damage to your enemies....
Chaos Knight- Creating Havoc
by Azula
If you are expecting the usual Chaos Knight build that uses an armlet, stop reading here. In this guide, I offer my way of playing the chaotic carry, which focuses on being faster than your opponents. This quite detailed guide was designed for beginners to...
List of spells/actions that will cancel TP Scroll/teleport in Dota2
by Jack_Snake_Eater
Here's the list of all spells/actions/items that, if used against you by an enemy hero, will cancel your teleport....
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