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Как найти себе девушку?
by Uernay_Perron
В этом руководстве я вам покажу как найти себе девушку!...
Get money for registration. Play Dota 2 for the money
by Digital_Galactic
Guide to getting $ for registration (and continue to receive money for the game) and other cash bonuses for the number of games played. If you want to earn good money on playing Dota 2 - this guide is for you....
Medusa Mid Lane (Focus: farming) 6.83
by zZz UpSwing1n'
This guide mainly focuses maximizing your early to mid game farm leading to mid and late game dominance, by being hard to kill early, minimizing wasted travel time, stacking and farming the jungle and mid lane. For Medusa, this guide is highly unconventi...
The International 2015 Visitor Guide
by Jimo
This guide has been written to assist visitors of the 2015 Dota 2 International being held in Seattle, Washington, USA between August 3rd to August 8th....
How to own with Lanaya
by @SexyBamboe
Now, ill tell and show you what i know and can on this hero, here is my exp to you !...
Jungle Bloodseeker 2015
by J&J
Jungle Bloodseeker Guide 2015....
i am a pro player in dota2...
New zeus model
by Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
New zeus model!!...
by nsbrother.88
This is my favorite hero...
Chop dem to death
by ℳr ℐnfernõ
by DEAF ♥愛♥
Deaf Evangrlistic Alliance Foundantion...
Jadow's Faceless Build (Lane)
by Jadow
Why: You Should Kill Yourself
by go die in a fire
Having trouble deciding whether or not to give a little kiss to an oncoming train? Teammates and friends worried you'll end up skydiving attached to a fridge? Well, you're in the right spot to make everyone's hopes come true....
How noobs should think
by Anubis
Hellow Everyone, as some of you might know, I wrote another guide, a while ago, "Things noobs should know" and it had a nice result. In that guide, I also said that noobs don't ...
Speeding Car Legion Commander
by Papa Bear yo
My unusuall guide for Legion Commander. I grew tired of going for the standard blink / shadow blade. Basicly this guide will give you some early stats for easy duels and a lot of speed. Speed speed speed. Remember overwhelming odds also give movement s...
Introduce/Guide to play as Io: The Guardian Wisp (Peep Peep).
by Maka-61
Depending on your hero composition, Wisp can go mid, babysitting, offlaner or even solo a lane (albeit harder than mid or babysitting). It's usually best if you're supporting someone, but you do have those options IF the team composition allows for it, do...
by <u><font face="Impact">Ain
i play dota2 with my brother, and i was wondering whats the best 2 hero combo in early and mid game on a single lane ? perhaps Ursa and lich(or drow) ? bloodseeker and sniper ? lion and lina ? what else ?...
rampage riki
by storm
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