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Super Anti-Mage (Secret code "SA-M")
by Rionja /G/
Super Mega Epic guide for Anti-Mage. If u wanna lose every game u played, subscribe....
by D♣UN
How to fundamentally improve at Dota: a guide for low MMR players.
by Nyter
Hi, I'm Nyter, a 5.5k+ player and I just wanted to write a concise guide for new players who struggle to improve. This guide will try to summarize and quickly go over the most important aspects of Dota. If you are somewhere between 1 and 3k mmr, try to ...
Earth Spirit's Master Escape Skill (video include)残血土猫逃生技(English+中文)
by Be Rational and Win
Earth Spirit master escape skill (it could rival Invoker’s Eul + qqwrwww+ d, maybe its more hard to practice) My own idea:) and I made it where is this idea come from: when I watch a pro earth spirit player's video(I don't remember who is him, mi...
How to play DOTA 2.
by AsianProGamer
If you are watching my youtube channel, you can be pro like me easily....
In-depth Chen Support Jungle Guide
by Rat Dota
Advanced in-depth jungling guide for one of the best pushers in the game: Chen, the Holy Knight. Chen is an early game hero that relies heavily on pushing down towers and forcing teamfights. He is one of the "harder" Dota 2 heroes because he nee...
We Can Rich From Here
by Paladine
How To Rich From Dota or Any game ? this is simple but not easy , Step By Step but sure , no need fast but if we can see THE CHANCE , you will think about money , money and money, so you want to know how to rich from here? this is my opinion , Just ...
As the spawn to ban them was difficult deward and spawnboxes
by vertigo
all spawn box...
by Daniel Equizde
LAST !...
How to Make Me Furious AGAIN! - A Complicated Guide
by sns.kipper
Do you still struggle to upset people in your Dota games? Are you faced with the dilemna that Dota feels so much more empty when you can't actively upset your teammates? Well worry no longer! The long awaited sequel to "How to Make Me Furious - A Simple G...
How to get free stuff?($0.50per40min)
by Powerful Shadowܓ
I think everyone likes different things for DotA and CS: GO. And would like to get them. I want to show one of the ways how to get them...
Omniknight Support Build
by FrostyFox
This guide to help the Omniknight at his weakest,To give him knowledge and power to his hands and to give him light to do what is for his team...
Как сделать закладку Вконтакте, для стим браузера?
by Dash - Янур
Так же тут есть инструкция как сменить домашнюю страницу в том же браузерке....
Dazzle 6.8.5 (UV.Tailsy)
by UV.Tailsy
I have about 1,100 hours in Dota, and I do LOVE Dazzle. He is my favorite support, and he's very hard to play unless you have a headstrong play-style with him. (Keep calm and Shallow Grave.) This guide will introduce Dazzle to new players, and will give ...
Гайд на Омича
by Dash - Янур
Кроч БЛRДЬ, это, это лучший гайд на ОМИЧА НАX, ясна cyкабля?...
Templar assassin depth guide! by Таємниця Бога
by Таємниця Бога
Laning Tricks Winning your lane is quite huge for Templar Assassin, lane advantage usually leads to snowball, having a good start will greatly increase your winning chance. To win your lane, theres usually a few tricks you can use. Creeps ...
How to Play Bane (6.85)
by Walrus.exe
This is a quick guide on how to play Bane support. I've had great success while playing Bane and i hope that you do too....
Techies 6.85 Guide
by Luke
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