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Mirana by neshor
by ☯yi☯
Build on one of the finest escape requiring divine control and dexterity. MANY LETTERS!!!!!!! ...
How to play Dota 2 like a russian! [sniper friendly guide]
by John W.
This guide will help you to learn the basic russian dota 2 tactics ...
So, you want to play Bane?
by Sir Strygwyr of Cykaland
From the desolate nightmare of Nictasha came the unstoppable force that has been feared since the dawn of time itself. The creature is not only feared by enemies, but by allies as well. This codex is for followers of this nightmare to instead have his all...
How to counter Techies
by Chinatown Sidewalk
*Every one dose not like Techies he sever no role in the game.(fact, if you look in the library Techies has no roles,he only a range hero) Their many way to counter Techies,and I don't mean stay in the lane and don't go offlane because their bomb everywh...
Playing the Battle Pugna
by CreepypastaPony
Pugna: Squishy supporting hero or capable badass of your team?...
How to itemise
by Hyperion.7312
This guide will teach you how to itemize in Dota2 and not build a shadow blade every game :D...
How to play Dota 2 the right way!
by DegreeOfDanger
A good guide on how to play this hard game, this guide is very helpful on getting to the dota 2 champions 2015 to win 16 million dollars....
How to not be stupid
by LoL>Dota *grabs popcorn* lol jk
An easy guide how not to be stupid....
DOTA try
by babyOHRACK
by DeAtH n!gHt
Гуиде для Богов доты
Это вам вам не школогайд, это гайд для тех кто хочет попасть на The International ...
6.83 - Naga Siren Build (Middle or Lane) English and Spanish
by Chuchox 你只活一次
ENGLISH This guide will help you as quickly equip and win With Naga Siren. Naga siren is a fast carry to farm with only Rip Tide and good for split push Having Boots of Travel, she can farm fast the Radiance and can push the lines with Mirror Image me...
Guide for Shadow Fiend with Eul's
by Escape
Прокаст Shadow Fiend Идем в мид закупаясь брейсером и 2 ветками. Если видим сильно харасящего персонажа в миде против вас то берем танго. ...
Prevent the US keyboard layout being added when starting a Source game
by Saturday Night Feeder
This guide will help you prevent the US keyboard layout being added each time you start a Source game...
How To Play Dota 2
by Kamina
Don't, really. You play, you say "good luck have fun". Your done f*cked up, don't say sh*t, when you die youll be wrecked so hard by your own teammates youll cry. When playing remember, Op=gg, nothing gets fixed in this game and when it does they remove 1...
Кто хочет нагибать паб на СФ by Вася "Не Денди"
by Hey bro , idi naxui
Кто хочет выиграть паблик на СФ-е изи гейм БЕЗ КОЙЛОВ....
Centaur Warruner Rushing Dagger
by AL
Centaur warruner 1. Prologue a. I've been played Centa as a hardlane hero that sucks against PA. Even he is a great strHero that have 3.8 str growth, but he cant catch that little annoying dagger thrower. Comment below if u can help me, now i just fin...
In this guide you will learn how to play with Russian people....
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