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Dazzle - Utility Build
by rymdkåpsel
A quick and easy guide on how to play Dazzle effectively as a position 4 support that capitalizes heavily on item actives. ...
Love is Back...
Failed to load the launcher DLL
by M20.
failed to load the launcher dll больше файлов не осталось Что делать? Как исправить?...
(FREE!!)How to get an autograph Gabe , Obama and Putin?
by دانيا شيفتشينكو
In this tutorial I will describe in detail how to get autographes....
Читы для Доты/ Cheats for Dota 2
by Semisain
Данное руководство даст вам набор чит программ которые заметно упростят вашу игру и сделаю вас самым имбалансным в любом матче/This guide will give ...
Alchemist guide for winning ( 6.84 and above )
by Taiga5
This ( The guide ) guide will help you become ( you ) the best DotA 2 ( Defense of the Ancients 2 ( two ) ) player ( you ) ever ( literally )...
[6.84] How to be a useful Techies :3
by [boss] NumbSkull
In this guide i will be explaining how to use techies properly and effectively...
How to play with russians in dota 2
by SAS
Guide for play with russians...
dcw's Dota 2 Roshan Timer
by dcw
I created an easy to use Roshan timer which will also relay the expiry time of the Aegis. The timer uses only allowed console commands and does not modify any files or access 3rd party software. Completely on the up and up....
Techies Suicide your way to victory
by Jack Zigfer
Unlike most techies builds this focuses around leveling suicide early then become the teams main pusher late game...
[6.84] Leshrac offlane 4k --> 5.3k MMR
by lukjov
This is how i got 4k ---> 5.3k MMR...
Go to Dota2 settings -> Then go to Video/Audio -> Advanced
by ZeroSteinsツ
this setting is for low end PC and laptops with core 2 duo processor and nvidia 9500gt or lower card . Anti-Aliasing: Smoothes the edges of models against the background, so that they don't look jagged and pixely. Uses a fair amount of performance, so ...
Automated Ancient Stacking
by Vi.Be.Dart.WATA
This guide Provides a tutorial to perform Automated Ancient Camp stacking on Radiant and Dire on the current map [6.84]....
Bristleback Offlane Guide 6.84c
by Parzival
Guide to Bristleback offlane/solo offlane Item/Ability Build, along with a recommended playstyle. ...
Burrowing then Toppling
by BadGrinCompany <deathswordian>
When used correctly, sandking could have many squishy heroes to experience a certain death in a teamfight. And this phenomenon is caused by sandking's ult, which is actually one of the best nukes this game has ever had to offer to their players. And n...
by Mar
Detailed guide that will help you to understand the power you got purchasing a compendium : choosing a good arcana...
by AquaKyra
learn how to make your enemy feel like crying because die again and again to the most 'useless' hero ( techies ) ^_^...
The noob guide to last hitting
by [M'oA]#bR@!N
good last hits for new guys...
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