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Neutral Camps Ward Blocking Guidelines (from the map editor)
by Hardy P
A small refrence to the Neutral Camp blocking....
earthshaker super carry heavily damaged hit
by Y.anal
this guide will show u how earthsaker is a really strong carry if u are having strong enimies so i hope u enjoy that massive damage...
How to enable goblin techies (video)
by Å∂øøßЇЇ
Hi In this video guide i will guide you to the right way to enable goblin techies....
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------ENG------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) At the beginning of the game do not need to buy items for regeneration, rather asks al...
Team Shuffle Predictions Cheat Sheet
by Detrimindexta
The new update gave Compendium owners another chance to get some more Compendium points. Written below are some infos regarding players (including links) if they will leave the team or not due to various reasons. I also have this guide on Reddit....
Jah'rakal The Troll Warlord (GUIDE) EN
by Turstarkuri
My guide about troll warlord.He is a special carry with amazing speed and high damage.Also needs no mana...
Lifestealer advanced farming guide for all lanes and woods
by Y.anal
this is an advanced lifestealer guide that can makes u really good with this hero in farming lanes and getting fast items...
Elefante Hugo's guide to flaming with style
by Elefante Hugo
How to flame. For some reason you feel the need to flame, maybe somebody is calling you gay, maybe someone is being gay, maybe you just want to be mean ...
Pudge Basics
by |EES| Contagion
Pudge isn't that easy to play, so i made this guide, to help new players who wanna test Pudge. I hope it will help u a little bit. Good Luck and Have Fun...
Trolling Invoker : How to Play it in Ranked Games
by [DF] The Last Guardian
Learn how to be a troll in ranked matches.Really fun if you get good farm. NOTICE [THIS PROBABLY WON'T WORK IN 3500+ BECAUSE OF PEOPLE BUYING DUST, SENTRY WARDS, AND GEM] ...
Бинды на руны в Dota 2
by [88]▲Pu[N]k▲
Бинды для того что бы конрить руны...
A Guide to Spectre - Carry
by Mercurial, the Spectre
Nevermore the Grim Reaper
by Kiba +_+
Hello everyone ! :) This guide is about one of the most popular and interesting heroes in Dota 2 - Shadow Fiend (SF). Nevermore is a range agility AOE carry who can destroy enemy's team using his powerful nukes.If the game isn't over yet - Nevermore can...
как евроинтегрироваться в доте 2
by Kotboris
In-Depth SandKing Proxy/Tank + Pusher
by Cocaine
This guide is guaranteed to make some one hate you with every fiber of their being. I've posted the build but not gone into enough detail to keep the hero alive. This is the single most fun build I've ever used, but becomes notably difficult in ranked ma...
Playing Dota 2 with a PS3 controller
by Srpski Čekić
You scrub, you say, isn't playing Dota 2 on a controller madness? To which I'll reply, unless you are a mutant and you find using mouse and keyboard in a sofa comfortable, then yes it is. But for the rest of us, we sometimes want to be able to play our fa...
Get Free Dota 2 Item From Doing Easy Task !
by Kuma :D
Tired of waiting random drops in game? Tired of trading something for what you want? Well STOP ! I will share how to get some free item for DOTA 2 by doing some easy TASK !...
how 2 pr0 mlg #yoloswag at red nigga wiff axe
by Interruptor|away 24th-14th
welkom 2 me guid about axe snipars is illuminati huehue im so funi xdxdxdxd ogm wat is i do? guid wont't b popularr anywai BUT WAT IF GUID IS NO DED? HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE...
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