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Playing Pudge YOLO
by ArpiZ
Pudge is the most intresting and the most feared enemy in DOTA 2 and the Best part of picking Pudge is that you enjoy th game grom the starting till the end. from the dominating mid lane pudge or the ultra support saver pudge saving your allies. The most ...
DotA 2 Model Viewer
by BoneToad
The Dota 2 Model Viewer is available to users who wish to view the DotA 2 models and the in-game assets with improved features and native support for all Dota 2 content. This guide will teach you all about it. Thanks to Wyk [url=http://steamco...
Overpowered Heroes and You!
by Tarious
Can't play Dota2 or tired of how much effort it takes to win? Well this guide is here for you to abuse! Learn which heroes are overpowered so you can dominate your opponents....
How to NOT getting fucked by Pudge
by Deniz
Enemy picked pudge(before your team) and you are desperate because only mid is left to go (not so often) and your not used to play mid. If you say that i can't play common mid heros(invoker,shadow fiend,drow(!?)) you are at the right place.Can look like ...
My Personal Build For The Butcher
by Hey Jude
ready to hook 'em all ?...
Guide menjadi orang Ganteng!
by JSP
Ganteng Ganteng Serigala...
The definitive storm guide.
by Ali ><>
Hello. My name is Ali. I have released multiple storm guides over the past year or so ever since I felt I had become an accomplished storm spirit player. I have played him both competitively and in pubs for a long time, and I have always wanted to make a ...
Introduction to The Greevling 2012
by Jimo
I will give you information on how to play the 2012 Greevling event. The 2012 Greevling event is playable starting December 18th....
good heroes , good face , and good player LOL
by [Z]don_jon
dont know...
by GLS-Go
void is a perfict hero...
by <font color="#9B30FF">像影子的人"
i love this hero ^_^...
ow 2 pley de big dregon
by GcG.Gartor Aeonxane
in dis gide il tel u ow3pley jekiro de big dregon (in fect his smal but whetev xddd)...
Help me with translation of my guides.
by Princess Chelsea_feed_or_mid
I'm sorry for any mistakes. Help me with translation of my guides. I need a native speaker to help me with translation of my guides....
Mid Pudge: What a Hooker
by Sierra 117
This guide will teach readers how to play, hook, and combo with the abomination in the middle lane. It will include what items to buy, what spells to skill and how to combo his spells....
how to avoid low prior
by Gumpyro (R♣H)
Hello, you always wanted to avoid Low priority?? Well no worries! After you read this guide you will never get low prior! K....
Tutorial Trade Offer [IN-BAHASA]
Dikarenakan Masih Banyak Yang Belum tau apa itu trade offer disini saya akan memberi tutorial menggunakan trade offer. PERHATIAN Dilarang Keras Untuk Menyalahgunakan fasilitas trade offer ini untuk tindak kriminal. ...
by Chzar[t]
DIBACA DENGAN SEKSAMA Dikarenakan Sistem Baru Yang Dibuat Steam yang ketika kita belanja Via Market atau Store pasca 7 hari baru bisa ditrade, maka saya membuat tutorial ini. PENTING Mohon DIBACA Sampai Selesai B...
Using Colors In Your Name
Give your name more style....
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