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by Despair King Vyro
by Jimson [SG]
The courier train that is. Конечно я имею в виду курьерской поезд курьеров....
Mirana Support Build
by Evan
Mirana can be played and built in many different ways... There's carry Mirana (right clicking if built correctly), there's pusher Mirana (get necro book and boots of trav), and last but not least and what we will be focusing on today is support Mirana...
How to carry with supports
by »Gala«
Just do it!!!!...
Press Alt + Enter after selecting your hero!
by crd.
Basically pre-loads the map for you (and affects everyone). Alt+Enter is basically server-oriented and reduces spawn lag and general fps lag during game start(rip wooden pc's). This is also useful in Source 2 but also works better for wooden pc's ...
[6.84]Гайд на Shadow Fiend [RU]
by ~jojo
Config file -- reborn
by an eggsalad sandwich
personal config file...
Rubick : The way of playing it.
by Canustopreadingmyname?
Hello guys, now look I'm suppose to give you a reason to read this right? Well, here it is. Everyone, loves playing rubick. So why not play it in order to win? Yes, I'm telling you that you can win MMR by spamming rubick constantly in this game of Dota ...
Nande's Crazy Techies
by Juan Bot
An explanation to my build....
Гуид на Doty 3
by ScreaM
Я в этом не разбираюсь - Да и оно мне собственно до пи.з.д.ы <33...
Как приготовить пиццу за 20 мин
by Bounty
1: На*башь в миске 2 яйца 9 ложек мука 4 ложеи сметаны и столько же майонеза 2: вышла жидкая ху*ня? придержи пукан! Так и должно быть! 3: выливай н...
Dota 2 The Mango Build
by Lazy-Chan
Are you tired of getting rekt? Do you want to hardcore carry your team? Well this is what you need, available for every hero. ...
Vintage Meta: Omniknight
by Certified Dota 2 Babysitter™☮
S'upp, u filthy casul? R U fiddin to not b a SKRUB at omni??? Well, well, well, kiddo! You've come to the right place. Read this guide your omnicience will shine brighter than magic johnson's head. Well? wut r u w8ing 4? lets go pwn sum n00bs ...
Detailed Beastmaster guide: support / carry
by Mentalnest
An in depth guide for Beastmaster, from beginner to advanced tactics, items and skill builds! How to pubstomp as the hero no one will steal, and good in most situations!...
[RUS/ENG]Роумящая потма/Roaming potm
by Imprezo
Данное руководство создано в связи с тем,что в пабликах все чаще встречается данный билд мираны,но в большинстве своем люди в связи с ни...
[6.84]Гайд на Alchemist [RU]
by ~jojo
Сегодня я решил написать гайд на алхимика, потому что многие уделяют совсем мало внимания этому герою. И так этот герой является одним из са...
How to win games with Phantom Lancer
by Acential勇氣
Phantom Lancer Greedy Farming Carry Build Mid Game King...
6000+ duels won guide for trench.
by 虹|Marju
How to survive in trench mmr and win games....
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