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by [TeE] Grenzo, The Light devourer
^^ Welcome to my steam profile <3
by Yin 銀
=3 ...
how 2 pr0 mlg #yoloswag at red nigga wiff axe
by 8T&W]EcQ;AFDl1 of Cykaland
welkom 2 me guid about axe snipars is illuminati huehue im so funi xdxdxdxd ogm wat is i do? guid wont't b popularr anywai BUT WAT IF GUID IS NO DED? HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE...
How to Play Techies
by iX
A simple tips and tricks Techies Guide....
Windranger: A little bittle of Insight-ittle
by He`Kre.Cupcake-chan♥
A few tips and tricks about Windranger's abilities and Items that you may or may not know....
by |EES| Contagion
How to get a good carry meepo, no matter vs who or vs which counters you'll play....
Rikimaru's Shadow
by Lullaby
"If you can see me, you're already dead!" - Riki. A newbie friendly guide for Riki...
Laning & Ganking Tusk Build/Guide (Ymir the Tuskarr)
by faQ
Having trouble dominating every aspect of this extremely swaggy walrus? Here, take this. A guide made by a player who has been using Tusk ever since he started playing Dota, and knows everything about this big boy. From the early laning phase to ganking e...
How to Enable Techies
by iX
So, you want to enable techies? Well people have been doing it now for several months, ya big scrubs. But for the newfags who need to know, this is how. Apparently the text above can hurts peoples feelings, so to counter that, I love you all and let...
How 2 be MLG !?!?
by Shiro
How 2 be MLG <333 Much luv Shino ( Sinon ) <333...
Dota 2 Drow Ranger
by Kolec096
Hej To już mój drugi poradnik. Będzie jednak bardziej rozbudowany niż ten poprzedni. Drow Ranger to postać w Dota 2 jedynie jest to jedynie carry Jednak ja się z tym niezgadzam gdyż to jedna z najmocniejszych postaci Trzeba ją jedynie ogarną...
How to play Bloodseeker like a pro!
by Skeletron
In this step by step guide, I will teach you how to play Bloodseeker like a pro!...
Rubick Disabler - Nuker
by Mav
Это руководство создано что бы уничтожить все заблуждения по поводу такого персонажа как RUBICK) ...
Я не фанат Alliance. Топил раньше за них, но под тэгом NTH. Как я был рад, что они приехали на ТИ3. Как же меня взбесило то, что как только алики выле...
Zuschauer-Leitfaden für Dota-2-Neulinge zu The International 2014
Der Guide gibt Dota-2-Neulingen einen Überblick über das Spielprinzip und die Besonderheiten von Dota 2, um ausreichend Grundwissen zu haben, um eine Dota-2-Partie anschauen und verstehen zu können. Außerdem erklärt er, wie und wo man die Partien des...
How to Reduce LAG SPIKES in Multiplayer Games!
by [TE] BazingaGr
A lot of people are suffering from lag spikes! That leads to poor gaming experience! I'm here to help you! Watch my video on how to reduce lag spikes and I hope that your gaming experience will be improved! A lot of people told me that my video helped the...
by White
Role, cechy i atrybuty oraz zadania bohaterów
by Krzysiu Jarzyna
Do każdego z bohaterów są przydzielone określone role, które są przystosowane do gry w połączeniu z ich atrybutami, umiejętnościami i przedmiotami. Mimo to zdolności bohaterów można dostosować w wielu celach i mogą być wykorzystywane w ró...
Disruptor Ward Placement for Glimpse
by MadMonkey
This guide focuses on ward placement for glimpsing heroes from behind enemy towers. Having wards in these locations make it eaiser to catch blinkers, force staff users, etc....
Axe джунглер
by kelenkov
brandwarbs' guide to offlane Meepo
by Barndo-Chan
Since 6.80 this is my favorite way to play Meepo....
Drow Ranger (Traxex)
by SpideR
Traxex era uma habilidosa arqueira em seu oprimido lar subterrâneo, o Underdark, até que revoltou-se com a crueldade dos seus e fugiu para o mundo da superfície. Como parte de sua revolta, juntou-se aos Sentinelas, levando sua excelente pontaria ao com...
See my new montage by Dota. ^)
by [Kuzya](RUS)
Если кому то понравился ролик, просьба если не сложно поддержите меня лайком на ютубе! If someone you liked the movie, please not difficult support me on YouTube Like!...
The Art of Supporting - The true skill in Dota
by Decstarr
We are currently working on translations for Indonesian, Portuguese and Chinese! Thanks to all the people for their help. If you are missing your language and want to help, feel free to leave a comment. I'd also appreciate it if someone came up with a ...
by muhammadhabibulhadi
The International 2014 Predictions & Free To Play & Dota 2
The International (Video-Gaming) The International is an annual electronic sports Dota 2 championship tour...
Если игра не подключаеться
by Argad
Joshi's Guide To Midding
by Shadow42998
This is my guide for playing mid. This isnt the only way mids, it is just the way I personally play them. And with 3 mids under my belt with 70% winrate (Ember, Storm, Tinker) I believe that this way works. Remember I am not a pro player....
A Simple Mid-Tinker
by MobiX
Этот гайд создан для тех, кто хочет полностью раскрыть полный потенциал Тинкера. Здесь я опишу скилл и айтем билд, а также расскажу об интер...
Hérois do DotA - Phantom Assasin
by Not Found
Guia em video, espero que curtam, valeu!
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