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Как тащить на Шейкере
by 앤드류
как удалить доту?:
by Cдрасте
Professional Guide To Windrunner
by Ƭℌe Ɲᴇ๏N Ƭξʀʀأཇʀ
Hi! I'm Dondo. This is my professional guide to Windrunner. Windrunner can be played in many different ways, but I can only play her in one way. This way. My experience has a great impact on my decisions for this professional guide, meaning that i'm too p...
Как тащить на сларке
by 앤드류
Как тащить на сларке...
Pros & Cons (from my experience)
by BigboreFourFifty
Basically just a list of characters and their pros and cons, I will update weekly....
How 2 go 5kmmr
by endorser ng ariel-afk
will fully teach playars to git gud fur 5kmmr...
Удаление игры
by mihel
How to play Riki
by {Δ} Lord Beerus
A detailed and complex guide on playing Rikimaru in Dota 2....
Как приготовить самый вкусный кулич
by YarSky
Пасхальный кулич...
Dota 2
by steek
Dota 2 Welcom....
How to make a sandwich
by #difionex2006
Can't make a sandwich? Im here to help you m8...
How to Hack in Dota2 (maphack)
by Sharp
You Don't !...
EZ PZ Meepo Guide (Raise your MMR!)
by tanookz
Ever wanted to get good at Meepo, but you just can't land those nets? This is the guide for you!...
How to Counter Phantom Assassin - A noob's guide
by [Wulfpack] TigerKirby215
I'm getting very sick of people who see Phantom Assassin get picked an instantly think the team with PA will win, just because it's PA. Phantom Assassin, like all carries, require farm, levels and time to become useful. Not only that but, like all heroes ...
Как вернуть мозги тиммейтам
by Mудрец
Никак... Ведь у Вити все хорошо... Ест за троих......
How to position yourself at the best places depending on your hero
by Jack
Before I start this guide I want to say that, I'm a new player of Dota too, so this guide may look not "the best" for you, but I highly recommend you to just read it and take a look, By the way, My high leveled friends gave me good tips that'll be showed ...
Что нужно знать мидеру.
by J0mo
Здесь,ребятки,я расскажу вам: 1)Основы ганга 2)Тимплей 3)Правильный контрпик(С антипика бомбит у многих :D) 4)Тренировка рук(Клешни тоже не ...
How to be pro ( for Russia with love.)
by Razor_One|Morar
Step 1: Join the game Step 2: Search match Now this will get a bit complicated. Step 3:Find match Now you have 2 options, pedophilic-retarded(yes) or russian(no), choose pedophilic-retarded(yes) then match will start. Step 4: Choose a hero, Step 5: ...
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