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Heroes: Naga Siren
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Как поставить музыку на ульт NAGA SIREN,FACELESS VOID [Bellatores_War][DOTA2]
by ▲Pu[N]k▲ 14/88
[Bellatores_War]Range distance of the hook and not only
by ▲Pu[N]k▲ 14/88
В этом руководстве вы узнаете как можно поставить видимость полёта хука и других различных способностей и не только. In this tutorial you will learn how ...
The MLG List of Counters for Each Hero
by abandon is love abandon is life
Do you have absolutely no idea who/what counters a hero? Well then, grab some doritos and Mountain Dew, because you will find out now!...
Korrupt's Guide to Early Game
by [DEVA] Korrupt
Hello friends, This guide is mainly focused on newer players and how to start your game well.I will be briefly talking about early-game tactics and starting items. 1. Items Your items should consist of the suggested items or guide items or in rare cas...
How To Win Doto 2?
by {LoC} mlg doto 2 player
No hero is "OP". People just suck.
by Chemicalbacon
If you are reading this then it is most likely because I have linked it on your dumb thread about your dumb reasoning skills about your dumb crying. If not, allow me to englighten you. This guide will prove in every way, manner and word possible that ...
Ultra awesome build for awesome people
by AzKat
It will make you seem like a god among players, it even puts dundi and his merry friends to shame....
Guide to becoming the best DotA2 player
by Yayuiooo
this guide is how to become the greatest dota player ever. just follow these easy steps to become the best!...
Как стать отцом Dota 2?
by ..
Как стать отцом Dota2? 1. Ищем девушку. 2. Заводим ребенка. 3. Называем ребёнка "Dota 2". 4. Всё! Теперь вы отец Dota 2! =)...
How to walk like a PRO
by Ser Pounce
Hover your mouse and right-click where ever you want to go. ...
How to make a funney vediyo game internet joke
by Bluuwave ⑨
hello daota player today i will tech you to make dank funny...
how 2 pr0 mlg #yoloswag at red nigga wiff axe
by abandon is love abandon is life
welkom 2 me guid about axe snipars is illuminati huehue im so funi xdxdxdxd ogm wat is i do? guid wont't b popularr anywai BUT WAT IF GUID IS NO DED? HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE...
Heaven's road!
by Pusat
I'm giving item building guide's for player's which still new to Dota 2 but in deep interest to win a match with fun and interesting way so you wouldn't end in deep terror! Follow my guide's and read through so you can play Dota 2 for life!...
How 2 be MLG !?!?
by Shiro
How 2 be MLG <333 Much luv Shino ( Sinon ) <333...
Why You Should Not Auto-attack
by The Pyro's Pocket
Have you ever been in a lane with someone who won't stop auto-attacking the enemy creep wave? Have you yourself ever been yelled at for the same thing and never understood why it mattered? Hopefully this guide will give a little insight into the terrifyin...
How to Reduce LAG SPIKES in Multiplayer Games!
by YT:TheBazingaGr
A lot of people are suffering from lag spikes! That leads to poor gaming experience! I'm here to help you! Watch my video on how to reduce lag spikes and I hope that your gaming experience will be improved! A lot of people told me that my video helped the...
by 孙大圣
just join just play with happy...
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