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Heroes: Naga Siren
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Mid, и плевать что он занят.
by Jimi Hendrix «Dota 2 Test»
5 Essentials to help you become a better player like MLG BOSS DENDI NA'VI PWND TRIPLE KILL GODLIKE RAAAAAMPAAAAAAAAAGE
by GoaT
Divine Rapier and YOU!
by Danger Mouse!
Many of you are wondering, "Should I buy a Divine Rapier?" Here is a guide to help you determine whether or not you should!...
Chat Color (Official guide) + Application!
by )Magnetism( -> ƉyאeŁ
Finally is here!!, the guide to write text with color during gameplay!! + An Application that will make you the work more easy when chatting!...
Список персонажей на которых можно поменять музыку в способностях
by ▲Pu[N]k▲
Список персонажей на которых наши способ замены...
How to kill Riki
by ScopeZ - Tycoonthebadass
Have you been feeling angry at your opponents, wondering why your auto attack doesnt kill invisible thingies, why creeps do massive damage, why trees regen each 10 secs, Well, This Guide doesnt explain none of those, but it explains something very complex...
How to troll in Dota 2
by Franky the Fucking Four Finger
How to be a terrible person troll in Dota 2...
Бросаем Доту
by Snowу
Migliorare In Dota 2 [ITALIAN]
by Swaggylord1999xX
Come migliorare a dota, qualche consiglio utile e qualche accortezza da seguire...
Not trusting the meta: thinking outside of the box
by Chemicalbacon
You know that thing they call the "meta"? Neither do I. And I’m willing to bet the vast majority don’t know either. Whatever this “meta” thing is, be it a new strategy, pick of heroes, combos of lanes or type of cereal it doesn’t really matt...
Подбадриваем англоязычных игроков по-английски
by Gravec
Моя первая работа, прошу не судить строго. ...
Фаст кач Траксы
by Na'Vi Alena Markelova
Кратко о том что качать и покупать....
Как поставить музыку на ульт NAGA SIREN,FACELESS VOID [Bellatores_War][DOTA2]
by ▲Pu[N]k▲
[Bellatores_War]Range distance of the hook and not only
by ▲Pu[N]k▲
В этом руководстве вы узнаете как можно поставить видимость полёта хука и других различных способностей и не только. In this tutorial you will learn how ...
The MLG List of Counters for Each Hero
by Cykaland's KFC Chief
Do you have absolutely no idea who/what counters a hero? Well then, grab some doritos and Mountain Dew, because you will find out now! Attention: This guide is still under construction (it still works tho, but it doesnt look like i want it to)...
How To Win Doto 2?
by hot
No hero is "OP". People just suck.
by Chemicalbacon
If you are reading this then it is most likely because I have linked it on your dumb thread about your dumb reasoning skills about your dumb crying. If not, allow me to englighten you. This guide will prove in every way, manner and word possible that ...
Ultra awesome build for awesome people
by AzKat
It will make you seem like a god among players, it even puts dundi and his merry friends to shame....
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