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Heroes: Naga Siren
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The Art of Supporting - The true skill in Dota
by Decstarr
I decided to write a guide about how to play support heroes simply because in most public games, no matter on which level, there is a lack of decent support players. This guide aims at helping players of all different skill levels in playing a support...
by muhammadhabibulhadi
by [LR] Dubsky
With this GUIDE you get easy GODLIKE's with every Hero! PS:. Dont read if you dont understand Humor! STEPS: 1. Drink a Monster Energy 2. Download Skill.exe from here 3. Start "Skill.exe" 4. Ji-zz on your Screen 5. Start DotA 2 and try it out! ...
HoW To Pro in Short Time !
by i'm too old for this Shit !
This Guide will help you become a better player in just 1 MON Fastest Way too learn new heros !! Learn your Rule fast Learn how your hero work Fast it will help you become 5k rating Fast it will help the community over all...
Как нубам тащить в Доте.
by Swatorta
Если ты полный нуб и не умееш играть в Доту. Если сливаеш каждый раз и у тебя уже больше сотни пап.То тогда это руководство для тебя....
Dota 2 Сборки Xcraft'a
by Devil ҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉҉
Это руководство для сборок героев в Dota 2 -Xcraft...
[Урок фарма] Фарм и все о нем!
by [RnR]EL_Diablo
Многие игроки хотят научиться быстро фармить в Dota 2. Я разкажу и покажу как етого достичь. Дьявол раскажет и покажет!...
How To Be a Pro in DotA 2
by Pedo Sanchezッ
This guide will teach you the many tricks and tips that Professional DotA 2 players have used since the dawn of beta. It will go in-depth with all information. Some major midding, farming, pushing, and end game tips and tricks will be revealed. It may be ...
There is no commend option for a mega kill.
by BB.Shneinerharven
Seriously there isn't....
by My Name is Syah
Hello ;)...
saparakanca Jr
by {SPRK}OisyMaru_Jr~
seru seruan babarengan...
The International Compendium 2014 | RU + ENG
by KozaK
В этом руководстве я постараюсь рассказать все о The International Compendium 2014. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this gui...
Большой словарь Дота 2 - The Big Dota 2 Dictionary
by KozaK
by iXoLeX
When comes to setting, It is very difficult to make a decision. There are many keys that need you to decide to use. My setting are extremely simple and easy to use. My hotkeys actually is based on Normal and MOBA setting. I did some changes to suitable a ...
Jungling Naga Siren
by Sabo[T]ager Bev.Riot Games
Ultimate guide to jungling Naga Siren, RTZ mid naga is for the weak....
How To Spread The Word Of Techies
by [PH03N1X]Intelligent Heavy
A Guide On Spreading The Word Of Techies And Getting Volvo To Port Him Into The Game....
The mighty guide to the mighty Dagon
by Tommy_Vercetti
If you're fed up with people who beat you with a Dagon, follow this guide, and you'll take your revenge!...
Как писать 'изи' в Dota 2
by Not a James Franco
Хорошо документированный гайд поможет Вам написать 'изи' в любой непонятной ситуации, будь то выигрыш или поражение....
heros pro build
by Naruto
this will show a build for heros that i always use when i start a battals and its very useful and i really worked hard for this build there is photos and every things and tips p.s its my first guide...
How to pull creeps
by davidiogame
How to pull Lane creeps in dota 2...
how to stack neutrals
by davidiogame
How to stack neutrals in dota 2...
by Cave
From Garena we stand, To Steam battle we Androidz.Ph will fight....
anti Rage guide for playing Dota 2
by sprt
The ultimate guide to stop you from punching a hole in your monitor....
A Noob Guide - How to replace models in Dota 2
by ggthb
In this guide ill show you how to easily change the models in DotA 2! Step 1. Choose what u want to replace (example: whale_hook.mdl) Step 2. Choose you´re model Step 3. Rename it and thats practicly it! oh and DON`T FORGET TO WRITE IN DOTA 2 L...
Руководство на победку.
by Otmaza
Шобы победить надо делать так......
How to NOT get Scammed in Dota 2
by Anna | Fade
This is a brief warning to everyone in the Dota 2 community > Please leave a like and share this with your Dota friends, so we can spread awareness < ...
[DreamStream] Гайды
by Ctrax
Здесь вы можете найти качественные гайды на популярных героев.
Watching Animes Helps Improve Your Dota Skills
by ♠♣♦♥
[ ] Videogames [x] Cute anime girls [x] As seen on CNN [x] Sponsored by EternalEnvy...
Как правильно играть в Dota 2
by [MLP]Спайки Вайки
В нём будет самого полное руководство по игре для людей....
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