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Dota 2 guide - Phoenix
by Goldilust ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Ok guys so this is gonna be the Guide for Phoenix who is a really hard hero to play with . so first you need to remember that Phoenix would be Useless if there isn't either a Tanker or a Support on the team
by ! 之 []
برگذاری مسابقات دوتا 2 در سطح بین المللی و فروش آیتم های استیم...
Как не получить лоу приор?
by Пёс
Сегодня вам ракушечкам я расскажу как не получить лоу приорити если вас мама позвала кушать....
Enigma - From Void and Shadow Victory Assembles
by Agni Kai ツ
This is an in-depth guide on how to play the always useful Darchrow. This will be a complete walkthrought of skill sets, skill builds, item builds, pros & cons and of course how to play him....
Monochrome Gaming A-Z Guide
by ;-;
A series of guides detailing how Monochrome Gaming plays each hero, in an A-Z guide...
by YesteRising
How to get a free aghanim's scepter (6.84 crack %100 w0rks)
by Yui 'ω'
Alchemist Factory help you to get your free aghanim's scepter....
Bloodseeker lane+jungle
by 4ASC. a/33
Here i describe how to play BS, when you wanna get good items fast. Its quite situotional, so dont play like this everytime. ...
by أحب أن تمتص
Vote new Bane's arcana...
Ответ на вопрос: как вернуть кнопку поиска матчей?
by Алексей<i> <u>Янур
Untouchable tiny
by Diverget[ICA]
If you're in a losse deathline on dota, this guide could help you so much....
Пособие по Dota 2 ( Lina )
by Дядя Виталя
Приветствую вас, дорогие друзья, перед вами один из самых частых по пику керри , который способен просто разрывать пуканы у вражин при грамо...
Invoker, el gran Magus
by Heaven
Pequeña guía para conocer a Invoker, uno de los personajes más vérsatiles del juego y no menos complejo por su gran abanico de hechizos, se tratarán varios temas en ésta guía, desde que build puede ir mejor según la partida hasta los posicionamien...
Shadow Fiend MMR Boosting.
by Crazy Viper
Here is the rules for this guide : 1)Don't read this guide if u play new meta SF with Eul , Skadi a.o. 2)Pudge , lina , wr doesn't control Shadow Fiend, if u are really good on it. 3)Never pick Shadow Fiend , if you are a pussy. Guide contains not al...
necro [Roaming no mid ]
by Edward
this is a guide where you can get kills and farm without playing in mid lane and help teamates . (NOTE) building desolator for necro increase dog and can easily kill enemy by putting out ultimate and desolator hits ....
Bounty Hunter
by Mentales
Bounty Hunter - Semi_carry Build. Die grundlegende Skillung und empfehlenswerte Items....
[6.84] How to be a useful Techies :3
by [MNI] Zapdos
In this guide i will be explaining how to use techies properly and effectively...
Как найти себе Девушку,если ты Дотер!?
by 818A
Гайдец как помочь себе!!! Предупреждаю,тут тут не обойтись без жертв...
Techies Suicide your way to victory
by Get in the robot shinji (jack)
Unlike most techies builds this focuses around leveling suicide early then become the teams main pusher late game...
[6.84] Leshrac offlane 4k --> 5.3k MMR
by lukjov
This is how i got 4k ---> 5.3k MMR...
Пособие по Dota 2 ( Lifestealer )
by Дядя Виталя
Здравия желаю, воины света! Данный гайд поможет вам научиться играть за одного из самых живучих героев Дотки - Гуляша Петровича или как его ...
Tidehunter by cougarriaN(Русская версия)
by cougarriaNb0b~
Картофель запеченный с сосисками
by Geralt of Rivia
Рецепт картофеля запеченного с сосисками....
Bristleback Offlane Guide 6.84c
by Parzival
Guide to Bristleback offlane/solo offlane Item/Ability Build, along with a recommended playstyle. ...
The art of feeding
by Dizza Pogs
Many people feed on a regular basis but do not truly understand the cultural significance of feeding as an artistic medium. This guide will surely help you to understand how to feed in new and exciting ways....
Phantom Assassin
by √Sr.Sor@の
Una buena build para que nadie te baje con la Phantom Assassin....
by AquaKyra
learn how to make your enemy feel like crying because die again and again to the most 'useless' hero ( techies ) ^_^...
How 2 Rekt ̶n̶o̶o̶b̶s̶ players in DOTA 2
by SK1nny
ENJOY IT,cos u never mind it before......
Rubick by cougarriaN(Русская версия)
by cougarriaNb0b~
Rubick by CougarriaN(English version)
by cougarriaNb0b~
Good day. This is my first guide, which is dedicated to Rubik-tech support. Just I want to draw your attention that the guide is designed for beginners audience, so if you're an experienced player, this guide is not for you! So, let's begin. Firstly...
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