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Hero Builds
Need More SOULS! - SF Mid Carry
by ♠WØLƑ♠
This Nevermore build is for players in the mid lane that want to snowball early and carry hard late. You need to focus on last hitting and denying A LOT if you want to build up your souls. Also try and get your supports to stack camps for you....
Hero Builds
надеюсь вы заташите гейм с этой зборкой
by Doktor dgiraf
Hero Builds
This will be AXEmazing
by Gimlos
A new build for Axe . Hope you to like it !...
Hero Builds
PS izi [RUS]
by Vitalya
Эта сборка может вам помочь: - Правильно вкачать скиллы - Совершить правильный закуп Особого образования не надо, лишь руки из плеч и мин...
Hero Builds
Real Gandalf
by Robärto Dio
Only use this if you feel like being a Real Support/Gandalf...
Hero Builds
Juggernaut the Machine Gun
by [ ]Waddles-Sama
As you all know, Juggernaut is very strong late game if farmed correctly, people mostly use his skills to tear down enemies like his ultimate, but in this hero build its mainly for his Primary Attack. Give it a thumbs up :V...
Hero Builds
Medusa Rapier Rush (Waga)
by Jesus Had Aegis
Full credit goes to Wagamamma for making this build....
Hero Builds
by Fermit_The_Krog
sproink like the best...
Hero Builds
by Мистер Осьминог
Жесткая фантомка с универсальной сборкой...
Hero Builds
[by skillitronic] - Сларк. Нагибатор.
by SkiLLitroniC
!!!Если есть недочёты, то пожалуйста пишите мне в личку, а вопросы пишите здесь!!! Расскажите друзьям и будьте проффесионалами =)....
Hero Builds
by Naked Snake
Invoker için karşıda çok counter varsa hem onları şaşırtmak hemde spell resistance değilde armor bazlı damage atmak için birebirde hemen hemen bütün heroları alabilirsiniz...
Hero Builds
Axe Mothefucka LMBA
by Apocalipsis
Este Axe rompe culos a lo loco....preparen la japi que no paran de garchar !...
Hero Builds
Solo Hard
by ПотныйИнформатик
EZ hardline...
Hero Builds
Moxx guide to Pudge
by Ihi yahnh Ihi
Early Blinkdagger, bottle equals gankablility...
Hero Builds
by ПотныйИнформатик
Standart AA...
Hero Builds
Frostfire Take Them:Standard Crystal Maiden Support
by [EZPZ] LilPapa
A standard build for Maiden, but if you follow it closely, you should do very well. Unless your team is bad. Then I don't know what to tell you....
Hero Builds
Mage all mages (RUBL)
Hero Builds
Hard Tinker
by ₩₳ƦƦ†ØƦ
Middle lane Tinker...
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