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Thais Nguyeenx
by Chim Cứng Nhưng Ko Cửng
- I just want to make friend n find a united team. PEACE!...
Necrophos was actually a Necrophile (LEAKS FROM VALVE)!!!!!!!!
by Max
Necrolyte is now called Necrophos. Necroph-ile Necroph-os Os in fuknig Chinese means ile. (Dota many has china player so is true) LEAKED LORE: Once upon a time a child got raped everyday by his father, then the child grew up and now he has taken over...
How To Be a Pro in DotA 2
by Pedo Sanchezッ
This guide will teach you the many tricks and tips that Professional DotA 2 players have used since the dawn of beta. It will go in-depth with all information. Some major midding, farming, pushing, and end game tips and tricks will be revealed. It may be ...
Extreme X Evils
by Sanit
Just For Successfull...
How to beecm a proffesion jukeroo in wheel kowea as bloodseeker
by TheRobadobs
The christmas shrektacular shows us niggahs how 2 juke and pwn newbs and rap em in de ass...
Night Nightmare
by ÑĩќĨτãβІεßέŘ™
Имя: Ночной Кошмар Класс: Ужасающие Место обитания: Мир Людей (ранее Запертый Свет) Принадлежность: Сыновья (и дочь) Страха Статус: Жив Ноч...
Devourer Of Madness
by ÑĩќĨτãβІεßέŘ™
Pro Pudge
by Bog Doti
N0Tail's guide to meepo good
by EXtraDonut [nap]
Professional guide to playing the meepo like the N0Tail...
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