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How to Play Techies
by UVG.iX - Bloomberg
A simple tips and tricks Techies Guide....
How to Enable Techies
by UVG.iX - Bloomberg
So, you want to enable techies? Well people have been doing it now for several months, ya big scrubs. But for the newfags who need to know, this is how. Apparently the text above can hurts peoples feelings, so to counter that, I love you all and let...
how 2 pr0 mlg #yoloswag at red nigga wiff axe
by Interruptor|away 24th-14th
welkom 2 me guid about axe snipars is illuminati huehue im so funi xdxdxdxd ogm wat is i do? guid wont't b popularr anywai BUT WAT IF GUID IS NO DED? HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUE...
by zver
Unpacking and decompiling of model and textures of the character from Dota 2
by Foma Kinyaev
In this management we will download and we will install the necessary software for unpacking and decompiling of models and textures from Dota 2. We will take models of formats: .mdl.vvd.vtx; and also textures of formats: .vtf.vmt. Also we decompile them i...
Импорт SMD-моделей и анимаций в 3д-редактор Blender
by Foma Kinyaev
How 2 be MLG !?!?
by Akame
How 2 be MLG <333 Much luv Shino ( Sinon ) <333...
Заработок на подношениях
В данном мини гайде я раскрою совсем небольшую хитрость подношений...
Распаковка и декомпиляция модели и текстур персонажа из Dota 2
by Foma Kinyaev
В этом руководстве мы скачаем и установим нужный софт для распаковки и декомпиляции моделей и текстур из Dota 2 . Извлечем модели форматов: .mdl,...
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