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Чит-команды в лобби / Lobby cheat-commands
by Overkill
Руководство было создано с целью помочь не очень опытным игрокам в Dota 2 узнать более о чит-командах в лобби. This guide has been written to help new Dota 2 players to ...
Carry Meepo best perfomance
by Turba
let's look at best late carry meepo builds for a different situations and how to reach lategame. ...
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[EASY MMR] - Dendi Style [Quax + Wex]
by Sonyk
This Guide is from Na'Vi.Dendi Created by a fan of Na'Vi.Dendi in using Invoker with Quas + Wex. Good Luck Subscribe!...
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[EASY MMR] - Pudge Ganker [Offlane]
by Sonyk
With this guide you will play in the Offlane. The primary objective is to gain levels and get the first items to get moving around the map and gank. Good Luck! Subscribe!...
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by #6a'Tu.GreyShark
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[NeverGoWrong] Juggernaut
by Genesai
I play a lot of Juggernaut, so ya, coming out of experience. Also many people (old school mostly) may ask why not BattleFury? Yes it used to be a good item on Juggernaut but now Mask of Madness is a great alternative as it helps you to farm quickly (actua...
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GreyShark.Riki #2
by #6a'Tu.GreyShark
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slahser's way: Windranger
by slahser
THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE GUIDE. I did a 5 min video guide which you can find if you search "slahser windranger" on youtube. About me: I'm a former competitive dota1 player and 6.7k TopMMR player, and this is my "slahser's guide to playing Windranger". Thi...
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5000 игр на Crystal Maiden [RUS]
by Rylai
Максимальная помощь команде...
Правила этикета в Dota 2
by i[P*D]BOGU$
Станьте вежливей к своим тимейтам. ...
by (INF) Ирина
В этом руководстве я вам расскажу о том, как вкусно и быстро поесть после игры....
Как приготовить раков.
by .h0LA
В этом руководстве я расскажу как готовить ваших тиммейтов....
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[NeverGoWrong] Tiny
by Genesai
In this build you may notice I skilled the ulti at lvl 6, many people are against this. Yes your other abilities are really strong but Tiny's ulti is pretty strong in raw right click dmg (specially early game) making him have the highest base dmg in the e...
Что нужно знать мидеру.
by J$SH
Здесь,ребятки,я расскажу вам: 1)Основы ганга 2)Тимплей 3)Правильный контрпик(С антипика бомбит у многих :D) 4)Тренировка рук(Клешни тоже не ка...
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Omniknight 6.83 (The Greatest Support)
by Alex (
The Omniscience may spare them, but I will not!...
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6.83 Middle Storm Spirit - Catch me if you can
by Antisceptic
Storm Spirit is a mid carry hero with a huge amount of burst damage and mobility. He can initiate from any range as long as he has the mana. Keep an eye on lone heroes away from the group and kill them quickly before escaping. If you have full health a...
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Rain of Bounty (6.83b)
by Gia.
Hello. I created this build based on my gameplay for Gondar the Bounty Hunter since Dota 1. Good luck, and carry your team ;) Contact me if you need something to be updated or send me some feedback on Steam: ...
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How to use Earth Spirit [2HardXme]
by XFirstDie
Una guía que básicamente me parece la ideal para el uso de Earth Spirits que realmente les gusta de ir de aquí para allá, gankeando 'n Slamin' like a boss, con esto podrías estar bien armado, aún siendo Support (Generalmente lo uso Support, así que...
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Sven - Carry - Super Damage
by Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO
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Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage!!!!!! So very hard (it's a fun)
by AFCGames
Это фан сборка которая создана мной лишь ради веселья и не несет в себе никаких напутствий)...
Hero Builds
by -IKhaØzI-
Guía básica del héroe Abaddon, en la cual podrás encontrar los items esenciales, dependiendo a la situación en la que te encuentres y el roll que lleves, también brindo, un orden de skills, les será de mucha ayuda....
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Alchemist the Farmer
by DeathtouchSammich
This is a general build for carry Alchemist as well as my first build. It is focused around you farming until your fingers bleed and then destroying the enemy in the mid to late game. I hope you enjoy and please uprate so others can learn the way of the ...
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Сборка на керри Эмбера Cпирита от Band1T
by Band1T
Примечаний нет...
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Strong troll
by HS I
Strong troll...
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Mercurial the Spectre: Hard carry
by Piano Keys
Spectre is by most people's opinions the third hardest carry. Once she is six slotted, there isn't much you can do to stop her. But the thing she needs most, is a team that can keep here alive and support her till she's farmed. You should play her ...
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Gardevoir101's Hero Build to Slardar
by Gardevoir101
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Правильный Нюкс - от Дакз'а
by ПО вене
How noobs should think
by Anubis
Hellow Everyone, as some of you might know, I wrote another guide, a while ago, "Things noobs should know" and it had a nice result. In that guide, I also said that noobs don't ...
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{Legionnaire}-(Чак Норисс) лучший сапорт
by (Legionnaire)
Сборка От (Legionnaire) (русский чак Норисс)...
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Queen of Pain (Inventive Build 6.83)
by Artemis
Queen of Pain often face enemies heroes that makes her difficult to contribute effectively like she used to. (silence, burn mana, stuns). For that situation, there's many option u can get, one of them is being a burst hitter damage. With her skill and mob...
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