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The Art of Supporting - The true skill in Dota
by Decstarr
Due to the positive feedback and requests I am looking for native speakers that would be willing to translate the guide into Russian, Spanish and maybe Chinese (and/or other languages). If you are willing and capable to do so, please write a comment an...
Guide Anti penipuan [Indonesia]
by Solar Mangki
Karna maraknya penipuan di dota 2 ,maka saya membuat guide ini untuk para pemain dota 2 agar bisa terhindar dari penipuan ,selamat membaca semoga guide ini bermanfaat ,guide ini belum selesai dan masih akan terus diupdate Guide saya yang lainnya bisa d...
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Ancalabond's guide to Mercurial
by [D.F] Ancalabond
Mercurial The Spectre is an amazing hero for the late game, one of the hardest carries in the game and EXTREMELY underused. Many people don't fully understand how to play her and I aim to change this. One of her problems is she requires a ton of farm an...
Гайд на Phantom Assasin
by †MaGiNa†
Плюсы героя +Высокий прирост ловкости и силы +Самые высокие криты +Сильный лейт +Есть свой уворот +Есть блинк +Легка в освоении +Есть хоро...
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(ru)Templar Assassin - Carry
by APB - Theme Song
Чёткая сборочка...
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Ultra Bash Lifestealer
by NW | Tap
Items build with high attack speed and the presence of bash for the public games, with the possible farming in the jungle, as well and in line, but skill build designed for jungle farming....
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Shadow Fiend : The Grim Ripper.
by Velzevul
Guys This is the ultimate guide for playing Shadow Fiend. It contains a lot of ways that can help you improve your in-game performance through item build. Always remember, he is a very fragile hero so you must be really carefull when playing mid. A three ...
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6.81 Storm Spirit Guideline (Mid)
by Ripi
This is a guideline, it's not for every single game as Storm you'll ever play (one of the best things about DotA is that everything is situational [with some exceptions] and as a result you should NEVER always follow a build. This acts as a guideline, bu...
Леди Вайши или как затащить Медузой by Jack Daniels
by Jack Daniels
Подробный гайд по медузе с разными билдами и вариантами фарма...
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Bristleback - King of Ballin'
by Boricuamarzo
Bristleback is one of my best heroes and extremely fun to play with fast actions. He can be extremely tanky and get easy kills at all stages of the game especially if he catches someone alone. But remember, overextending with this guy (especially in early...
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Madness Mid Lion
by -MaeStroT^
Key notes for successful Lion_Gaming: -Gank every time ur finger is up -Try to hit your impale on more targets -Wait out the full duration of hex and impale to guarantee chainstun -After the Agha-Upgrade: Combine ur ultimate with spells like Reverse P...
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(ru) Spectre - Hard Carry
by APB - Theme Song
My little SPECTRE! =)...
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Alchemist -hard carry-
by [TK] Nexus
Just pro build....
Solo Hard Lone Druid
by Morix
Этот гайд посвящен замечательному герою Lone Druid...
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Mortred :3
by APB - Theme Song
Тут кароч без Battle Fury =(...
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Carry Nature's Prophet (jungle, max GPM)
by Otshelnik
Сборка рассчитана на максимально быстрый фарм предметов, реализацию пуш и керри потенциала данного героя на средней и поздней стадии игры....
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Cosmic Lich
by Cosmic Lin
1/3 of my games are lich. I am an expert on lich. This guide will make you a pro lich like me and get you my 56% win rate. Buy wards. Use ice armour on your team. Harass lane and kill steals with frost blast. Use sacrifice on friendly creeps to re...
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Meep0wned by dv
by dv
I think Meepo is lot more versatile than a lot of the other builds give him credit for!...
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mirana carry
a built that surely will be useful to everyone...
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Riki Monster Easy Carry
by h4rdrew
Fácil, simples e efetivo...
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Skwoogle's "Not For Casuals" Build
by Taco Squirrel
This is my build. There are many like it but this one is mine. This is what I do in most games as long lane solo Bounty Hunter, with the occasional variation based on how the game is going. WARNING: It is not easy. It assumes you already know how to play ...
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Riki - No Steal Frag and Mega Killer
by GaMeBooT
Первая Сборка. Поставь Лайк ! By GaMeBooT...
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Jungle Da Vinci
by Da Vinci
Regular guide To Jungle DOOM...
TI4: Базовая Информация
by to think alone
Напоминаем что The International 4 пройдет с 8 по 14 и с 18 по 21 июля. Вас ожидает борьба 19 команд за самый крупный в истории ки...
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Carry/Semi-Carry Venomancer by Crossion
by Crossion_
I know, what I want to do...
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Swatjoker's Guide to Carry
by swatjoker69
This build is built for early game domination. Always all in at level 6. Phasing into mid game should be easy for you, however late game may be hard, but the game shouldn't make it to late game with this build. This is meant for you to blink in, assassina...
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Furion AdmiralBulldog Build
by Ger[A]lt
Думаю всем было бы интересно узнать билд бульдога....
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io.true support (modern)
by mcmodern
well play...
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Kaolin, Spirit of the Earth (OfflaneInitiator)
by [RoH] Minester
Earth Spirit the hero with the worst Winrate - for a reason - Because people cant play him - He is a great Hero if your CarryHero lacks an Escape and to initiate with a possible 5 man Stun/Silence. He is best placed at the Offlane or Midlane and can farm ...
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pudge by mazila
by mazila666
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