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when i start dota 2, the lag starts when entering lobby, fps very low, and everything seems so slow, graphic, sound, mouse cursor everything very slow, then i return to desktop( using alt+tab) the lag still continue, my cursor getting slow, opening program also slow. please help! when i finally click accept when match found, lag still continue. hero selection, item selection, but then the lag stop when i click play. when i return to lobby to check settings, the lag stop(while playing), but after match end the lag come again. the lag on my desktop stop when i exit dota 2. please help, its start after dire tide patch(oct) till now. Please steam help me... i really like playing dota 2, but now i just cant

Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.9 Ghz
Graphic Card NVIDIA GeForce 650ti 1GB
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
All up to date
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either blame the new couriers, or its actually something in your own system
i dont know what happen to the system i just got new gpu(gtx 650ti) and the problem start, but in-game everything smooth( i can go with high setting). just in the lobby. i dont know if reinstalling dota 2 helps
The same thing happens to me. The matches themselves run fine, but everything else (ie. the menus, hero select, options, etc.) are the laggiest parts of any game I've ever seen in existence. I just started playing Dota 2 like a week or two ago, so I dunno if it would always be like that on my computer because it's a peice of crap or if it's because of the Diretide stuff or what.
just reinstalling dota 2 last night, no help at all. still getting the lag. how to get help from steam?
Before you contact steam support, I suggest you reinstall your graphics drivers to see if that fixes your problem.
i reinstall it last night also, no fix at all
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Before you contact steam support, I suggest you reinstall your graphics drivers to see if that fixes your problem.

the problem is not his computer the problem lies in Dota 2 codeing or the Flash in the menus since im getting 1 fps in menus with an GTX690 OC and a i5-750 @ 4.2GHz running BF3 absolute max settins @ 60fps on a 2560x1440 monitor so no their something VERY wrong with the menus on Dota2
I've had Dota 2 since November 2011 and the laggy menu just started for me. The same thing happens in CS:GO too. The games play fine but the menus are laggy. I also noticed that my framerate in Dota 2 gets cut in half when I open the scoreboard. This has something to do with Flash?
honestly, this game is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ly laggy... its not the same as the original dota, not that smooth at all and I run good specs
definitely ur computer, u d better learn more about how to optimize ur system and make sure ur net is decent.
I have a quad core @ 3.6 GHz and a Radeon 7870. There is nothing wrong with my computer. It's only laggy on the main menu and the hero selection screen. And my framerate gets cut in half when I open the scoreboard in-game.
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in the console and lag is gone.
Turning the embers off didn't fix it for me. I changed video drivers and even reinstalled Windows. The menu is always laggy now. After a year and a half, this problem suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It only happens in the menus of Dota 2 and CS:GO for me. Everything else runs fine.
i heard from some sources it depends on your net-devices like router. An old problem from p2p networks was port forwarding.
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