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Armenier Jun 4, 2013 @ 8:52pm
husker is so damn broken now. he is completely the opposite of what a carry should be (easy to kil). currently early game-mid he cant be killed by any forms of magic which is what is used in 90% of ganks early game. pudge cant even kill him in a 1v1 situation.with a few items he basically has 50% magic resist and 50% physical resist. that so broken! just give him his dmg back and undo this.
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Arx Akmarum Jun 5, 2013 @ 1:14am 
Its okay, bronze scrubs never could beat Huskar/Riki/Ursa anyway.
Androgynous Jun 5, 2013 @ 1:28am 
A carry by definition is not easy to kill. A carry is typically weak during the early game - if Huskar has enough Berserker Blood stacks for 98% magic resistance early game, he's going to die to one auto attac -) and gets stronger if he gets farmed up.

Originally posted by Khrynia:
Seriously, what were they thinking. Played a game as huskar, just went for str and hp regen, heart/vanguard etc. As much fun as it is to run around at 10% hp with 98% magic resist and 150+hp regen is, it's completely broken. Doesn't even need damage anymore, just never die and keep flaming spear on auto to stack up the fire.

To have 98% magic resistance, you'd have to have 3% of your remaining HP. Lets say there's a super-farmed Huskar with 4000 HP. If he has 3% of his HP and therefore 98% magic resistance, he has 120HP. Just auto attack him down. If your carry isn't strong enough, that's your own bloody fault for not shutting down Huskar and supporting your carry so he could get his own farm.

Anyway's he's removed from Captain's mode, so that means the game you played with a Huskar in is just a measly public game. Get over it and carry on with your life.
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