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AFK Feb 6, 2013 @ 9:50am
dota 2 tier list for all heroes
i make list for best to worst hero in dota 2. best hero start at 1 and get worse as go on down. not saying any hero is absolute bad. some are too strong. i tell u why hero is good or not good

1, axe - axe is best hero, too strong, culler blade kills all. helix kills in area. battle hungry kills slowly. berserk call makes u kill urself on blademail. too strong

2, centare warrunner - too strong. too stun. area spells on almost evry ability. annoying dmg 2 attacker. u r likely to win with this hero. my comrade play only centare, and we win most game

3, phantom lancer - many unit controlled. 42 agility gain. diffusal stack on clones. goes invisible to all

4, queen of pain - accurate name, becase she hurts all. best at hurt. infinite range. teleport. too strong in lane and team fight with area damage

5, warlock - best support hero. press r and kill all. too strong

6, crystal maiden - same as above

7, huksar - build lifestyle. never die. kill all in 1 hit. one ult kills all

8, shadow fiend - ult too strong. attack hard to use. hard to aim. too strong, but he need good position or else not good at all

9, leshrac - terrorist. kills all instantly

10, keeping of the light - shoots u from acros the map. too strong. deceptiv appear for frail old man. very clever

11, lina - long range, high damage, too strong ult. no shoes

12, mirana - same as above

13, tinker - instantly kill all. push too hard. i saw he kill entire team. too strong. not best late game. items dont help

13, nyx assassinate - hitman 47 for dota. kills all by press his keys all at once. lose all mana. lose all health. infinietey stun. too strong

14, phantom assassinate - too many assassinate. why so many? hero strong, not over power. hard to kill. not scary

15, silencer - they should call him screamer becuz he makes i yell at computer. too strong. all nuke. global silence ruin every team battles

16, jakiro - big dragon

17, luna - strong accent. i like her. cat has her move fast. good hero. strong in late game. good carry

18, juggernaut - spin to win

19, lycantrope - annoying hero. too fast. too lifesteal. used to be realy overpowered. not as strong now

20, slardar - too stun. looks like strange fish

21, tidehunter - goold ult. strong initiate. maybe even best in game 4 initiate. he is good pick

22, nature prophet - teleport around map. where is furion? he could be anywhere. just hide in jungle all game then teleport

23, dragon knight - might as well be invincible hero. good luck kill him with items and lvl advantag. if u fight dragon knight that gets fed u might as well just accept defeat

24, treant protector - big tree

25, rubick - steal from others. thief, scammer. all report

26, invoker - very versatility hero. good pick.

27, sven - too strong cleave damaging. he does the most damaging in game too all. entire team can die 2 his auto attack. not fair. too strong early for carry. stun wins lane easy. he is fast

28, pudge - loud voice. talks to whole game when use ult. i dont like he model. strong ability if used proper. counter carry in lane with hook. good pick. useful late game as well as begin and middle. cannot use blink dagger. force staff is good instead. hard 2 play against because of he meat hook pulls u to where u dont want 2 go

29, skeleton king - strong. very hard 2 kill, and he come back 2 life again when u do kill. very manly hero. very brave

30, alone druid - he is not alone. he has bear

31, zeus - annoying hero. he can do many damages in the start of game. not so great later on. steals kills from all

32, dazzle - strong. many useful ways 2 play this hero. he is one of my favorite to have on team. needs no items. funny things to say

33, templar assassinate - ninja. strong. has good map control, and gank

34, ursa - big bear. strong pick. can solo roshan early. good melee carry. needs team that can disable

35, shadow demon - strong in early game. not so strong later, but he have good ability. excellent hero if use perfectly. need teamwork, and coordinate with ur comrades

36, naix the lifestealer - he should be called balance stealer. he is too strong. takes ur life and wins game. he has automatic bought bkb with 6 second? okay... too strong. only reason he is not much higher on list is becase he can be kited easy

37, clinkz - instantly kills towers. many damaging with his strafe. press e to go fast

38, witch doctor - funny lines. good voice acting, i like he a lot. my comrade plays this and we win

39, bounty hunter - too strong. good hero for new players. my comrades often fight over who will get to play the gondar. invis too tricky. damage too strong. ult makes other invis hero less good

40, death prophet - ghost. strong ult makes other ghost. easy to win lane. strong late game. good hero

41, broodmother - always invisible in web. i cant find he

42, troll warlord - amazing ult. very strong teamfight. ability okay, but he is not best carry. mostly use for ult

43, anti-mage - strong if items. needs too much farming. dies easy if u cant micro blink good. ult good cleanup spell. mana break not very balanced. looked better with illidan i think. now he is pink

44, omniknight - i pick him to save team. good in public games. not so strong when ppl know how 2 fight he. not fun hero becase weak attack and all ability for help only. ult can turn battle around.

45, doombringer - u are not advise to pick doombringer. he needs too much items to do strong. very good if farm tho

46, naga siren - wants to be phantom lancer. so weak attack. ult good

47, gyruscopter - ability good. attack good. strong. not as good when game is going on for long time

48, disuptor - good nuke and positioning spells. he can help team but i like other suport more. he need buff to be picked more

49, ogre magi - when my comrades play for first, i tell them use ogre magi. he is good learning hero. multicast strong. can die easy, and kill easy. not is best hero, but sometime it is good to have he

50, dark seer - complicated hero. he usefulness depend on other team skill. not such great hero if they good. he can win public games becase ppl react slow or attk shield a lot

51, viper - flying snake. used to be dragon. what happened? hero weak compare to other carry ranged. he can do good in lane tho

52, magnus - good learning hero. my comrade likes magnus. i dont like magnus. he is good tho. simple to win. need to aim ability for maximum affect

53, razor - flying lightning man. good at 1v1. is not strong in most cases. i recommend only use he for targeted at making other team carrys weak

54, lion - only 1 good ability. just for lane, not for game late

55, meepo - he wish he is phantom lancer. many less clone. not very good. he is okay tho becase he can split pushing. and he farm many places at once with he clones

56, wisp - his only good if u use him with other certain hero. situation pick. very strong in used in right circumstance. not strong at all otherwise

57, weaver - spider invisible. good at killing others. doesnt live long in team fight

58, chaos night - his spell do random things sometimes. interesting hero. strong with item, but needs lot of farm. hard carry. easy 2 counter

59, drow ranger - best ranged hero. ult too strong. buys shady blade to trick enemy. dies 2 easy tho. u click her and she die. silence too short. needs buff

60, lich - flying snowman

61, tiny - only good if u take advantage. if u fall behind, it is over

62, beastmaster - not vry good hero. run strange looking. i seen him play only twice in dota 2. needs buff

63, morphling - used to be too strong. over nerfed. ur better off pick different carry

64, storm spirit - i do not play he. voice too annoying

65, puck - same as above

66, timbersaw - good at killing trees. not so good at killing heroes

67, brewmaster - was panda. now cat? or whatever he is i do not know. walking ulti. not good for other things

68, batrider - u do not fly on bat comrade. choose bird

69, ancient apparation - low win rate. not good in most cases, but he is strong in some teams. only pick if u need his supporting

70, riki - good until u buy gem or dust. then he weak

71, enigma - not vry good hero. makes many small men. his play style unusual. i dont see neone play him a lot. unpopular becase not strong. needs buff

72, kunkka - only can buy invis to trick all. then shoots ghost ship, and that is he only good ability. not very useful

73, earthsaker - instantly kill any hero at start of game. very weak late game. he is okay hero if u try to push win at 20 minute. not so good otherwise. most useful to kill others at lane. after mid game he is just there 2 buy wards

74, chen - pick this hero if u want high hp courier. buy ur items then have chen take them and bring 2 u. he doesnt do much else

75, pugna - green man. not weak hero concept. weak hero in game tho bcuz others do his job much better

76, necrolyte - green man. can heal others. can execute low hp enemy. steal kills from carry. he is actual vry good in some teams. not good most of time tho. pick him if u have team setup for him 2 do well. not for public games

77, spirit breaker - good early. 1v1 king. needs many item 2 be good later game. i put he low on list bcuz evry spirit breakr i see just suicides self into other team all game. not a good use of abilty...

78, sand king - good ult. that is all. better picks becuz u can just run away from ult. he is good in team with many disable or many area ability tho. pick him if u have many area spell

79, clockwork - hurts comrades more than enemy. just blocks all with cog.

80, slark - y pick slark wen gondar bounty hunt is in the game? i see no reason. he too weak. needs buff

81, faceless void - every1 see him do well in pro game, then play in public. bad idea. not strong without entire team feed u farm and kills. even then u can have better pick. does not need hero buff. he benefit from item reworks

82, venomancer - very weak. not mobile not attack hard.

83, spectre - all he does is give map sight to all. not good

84, outworld devour - easy counter. he good if farm. just dont get farm not good. i dont play he bcuz too easy counter

85, medusa - very weak. my comrade play her and just dies. pls add abbadon and winter wyvren into dota 2 b4 hero like this... vry dissapointed

86, bane - deceptive name. he is bane 2 no one but he own team. this hero need buffs vry badly. more damage pls

87, shadow shaman - not like any shamn ive ever seen. very strange spells. decent support, but no reason 2 pick he wen u have other support that do more damaging

88, alchemist - farm all game for strong. but he is easy ganked. too ganked and doesnt get he items for late game. not good hero

89, night stalker - blue man. he is vry good gank but he needs lots of gold to be good later. has to leave creeps for other players on team. needs gold to come from gank. is good gank so this is okay but he is risky pick becase if he doesnt get ganks he is not good. he too easy to shut down by just not die to him in start of game

90, undying - he is undying while his whole team dies. then he run to fountain with full hp while whole team is dead. not vry useful hero, need rework to more good support, less survive

91, visage - his best is that no one knows what he do becase they nvr see him. only reason to play is bcuz u random him. this hero is not good

92, enchantress - horse. okay lane, weak team fight. not good pick wen ther are so many nuke support that make her look bad

93, vengeful spirit - ghost man. can scare u but that is all. not good

94, sniper - win lane no matter wat. best last hit in game. not good after 10 minutes mark. die instantly in team fight. not enough damage

95, windrunner - annoying voice, no shoes, abilities too separate from each other. ulti make her do less damage... not good hero

96, bloodseeker - worst hero in dota 2
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Alatreon23 Feb 6, 2013 @ 10:10am 
Axe (es the best, #1, best, blademail es always win, never loose)
Funny list, though I really don't agree with number 96. It should be like "Best exploiter of bad positioning in the entire game. :D
Ceridran Feb 6, 2013 @ 10:56am 
Sorry, but I don't really think we need hero tiers.

But, you did put effort into this, which is nice to see.
Katharina Feb 6, 2013 @ 11:30am 
i do have to admit too that you put effort in this but yourent really speaking english as your primary language heh? :'D
Green Feb 6, 2013 @ 4:53pm 
the blade mail thing on number one seems smart but tells the difference between a good axe and a bad one. never pop blade mail during axe taunt as it will make the item useless. it only reflects the dmg back at the attacker and with 30 armor your are almost entirely immune to dmg. makeing the blade mail useless in effect.
DickMachine Feb 6, 2013 @ 4:54pm 
dude, that lich ranking............tsk tsk
rice Feb 12, 2013 @ 2:02pm 
This ranking feels rather off... Also, Bloodseeker gets too much of a bad rap. He can really do obscure ways of killing, plus the true sight helps the entire team. Also, only hero I really like getting a Butterfly/Heart on, makes him tanky as fuuuuck when you get rolling in team fights.

When in bout; Butterheart.
DetectiveZvarri Feb 12, 2013 @ 2:04pm 
This is one of the worst threads ever
Mr. Stimpson Feb 12, 2013 @ 2:49pm 
This has to be a troll post, no?

I mean, 90 is a pretty popular ban. I feel like I should just know this is a troll post, but there was so much effort put into the OP.
Last edited by Mr. Stimpson; Feb 12, 2013 @ 2:51pm
Originally posted by > Raikou:
This ranking feels rather off... Also, Bloodseeker gets too much of a bad rap. He can really do obscure ways of killing, plus the true sight helps the entire team. Also, only hero I really like getting a Butterfly/Heart on, makes him tanky as fuuuuck when you get rolling in team fights.

When in bout; Butterheart.

I agree, though it's said that Nightstalker is like a better Bloodseeker with more carry potential a snowballed Bloodseeker can be just as good as any hard carry.
Manno Feb 12, 2013 @ 6:29pm 
Lol @ Meepo not just anyone can micro that hard buddy, he's probably the worst hero as far as difficulty to learn goes, ild take bloodseeker over him anyday.
Alot of people forget AA used to be played as a carry occasionally back in the old Dota 1 days. Nowadays all you have to do is finish mek and euls then grab deso (no issue if you use you ult to push lanes when not needed for teamfights) go push a lane, Some carry comes to fight you, figuring it'll be an easy kill. Cold feet, Eul's, Ice Vortex, Ult, they freeze, a few hits later they die, and if they don't cold feet again and use mek to survive.
ariba Jun 3, 2013 @ 9:38am 
Lol what.

This list was amusing, I'll give you that. :p2chell:
Lau_Lau Jun 3, 2013 @ 9:40am 
Make It Stop! Jun 3, 2013 @ 9:45am 
The mere idea of claiming that a single hero is the worst in all brackets and metas is bound to be futile.
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