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Dota 2 keys / team... creating/ joining
i have 10 dota 2 keys and im looking to also start a new team / join a pretty good team.

for the 10 keys i am willing to give them out to new or experienced players IF you want to join my team.. there are a few expectations though I need to know EVERYTHING about your skill level, strengths, weaknesses, better carry, better support, what you need improvements in, the works because i am also looking to improve your skills IF you want to be on my team./

i am also looking to join a team if my ^ said team sucks to badly.

I've played around 200 games total w/l i have a positive win loss ratio(for now), if you include the amount of time ive spent playing the original dota from wc3 then ive probably played like... 6k+ hours? but it was so long ago that i forgot a bit of stuff i learned from it...
I was in a 150+ player dota clan in warcraft 3 and i was the XO of it if you do not know what XO is it is the second in command below the CO, the CO being the creater of the clan. i was incharge of the second best team in the clan we had about 6 official teams and the rest were in training/ fill ins/ recruites. each team had 10-15 players on it we prefer to have a tad bit more just in case one of us couldnt make it.

- Strengths, i am an exceptional carry so long as my team doesnt feed. i love to carry and im still trying to get up to the same level of skill i had when playing wc3
-Weaknesses, Im decent with support / tanking but not quite as good as i am with carrying.
i have issues with people that do ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ stuff... if you or someone on your team does ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ stuff i promise you won't want me on the same time as him...
-Overall, im above average but not quite to the level that i would like to be at, but that is why im looking for an extremely good team. If a team out there exists that is good enough to teach me stuff i didn't know then I'd be in heaven if i was on it.


-your team can't counterpick for ♥♥♥♥... just because you can doesn't always mean your team can.
-your support doesnt know that he isn't meant to have kills/ cant ward/ dust / or call missing enemies
-your tank is the last one into the fight after everyone is dead / doesnt know how, or when to initiate
-your carry doesnt last hit / feeds / doesnt work with team when he can
-your team plays when they dont want to/ dont feel up playing/ or are in any other mood then a good one. in my experience ive learned that if any of the following were true it has a tendency to lower a player's skill level even if by a fraction... lower is lower
-someone on your team doesnt have some kind of way to communicate other then typing
-you have a mentally handicap walrus on your team <- i will yell at said walrus until it becomes smart or it loses the game for the team.
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Galzuu.Nohoi Feb 1, 2013 @ 11:31am 
pls give me KEY pls plspls.!! i just installed STEAM and been lookin for a KEY for almost 5 hours
i want to join your team :)
my favorite hero is crystal maiden / support type :) my first item is tango/healing salve/clarity/wards/courier/ :)
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$1 Feb 1, 2013 @ 12:30pm 
talk with me

i have 150 games 80 wins 50or60 lost
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