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Drow Observation
As you know, kids are QQing about Drow being over-powered. She is not over-powered as I just played her and, despite the fact that I indeed stomped the other team, several factors played a part in my success:

1. Free Farm and Kills Early Game: I laned against a Kunkka and Nyx. Neither of them tried to deny me and even if they did, I would've been able to harass them. They also barely got any creep kills. They both tried to kill me and my lane partner Jakiro and failed, giving us about 3-4 kills during the laning phase. I had boots, Shadow Blade and Yasha by 20 minutes.

2. Bad Players: Their Kunkka never landed a successful ult. I kept their more skilled players silenced in every gank ( Queen of Pain and Magnus ). They never bought anything to counter my invisibility from Shadow Blade. They over extended in team fights when they thought I was close to death which made it easier for me to just kite them until they died.

3. Good Teammates: My Jakiro baby-sat me until I was farmed enough to farm alone. Juggernaut was dominating his lane and took a tower very early on. Windrunner wasn't the best but she did more than the enemy Kunkka. My team pushed lanes more often than the enemies and bought wards.

So, why did I win this game? Because of my hero pick, or because a combination of bad players and mistakes on the enemy team and cooperation and teamwork on my side?

Stop whining and learn how to play.
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Duwi eredeti hozzászólása:

So, why did I win this game? [/b]

Drow OP
No, drow is so ♥♥♥♥in op, her aswell as the other ♥♥♥♥♥♥-proof noob eaters;
Riki, Huskar, Ursa, Pudge, Viper, Bounty Hunter and so on.
Stop whining and learn how to play. If you're losing to Drow, then you're doing one of the things I listed above. You're letting her free farm, you're feeding her, you don't buy items to counter her, you don't land your stuns and ultimates, and then you come to the forum begging for nerfs.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Dilan; 2012. dec. 10. @ du. 12:33
Duwi eredeti hozzászólása:
If you're losing to Drow, then you're doing one of the things I listed above.
Well i actually disagree to a certain extent with you. Having noobish enemies helps indeed a lot, but what makes drow ranger OP in my opinion is that u can actually start power-farming when u get your mask of death (or morbid mask), also she gets too big amount of dmg in her early levels, in combination with her unescapable slow and lvl 1 silence with areal duration of 3 sec makes it too easy to farm enemy players. This, however, is not a sceintifically-proven fact, its just what i think : )
If she didn't have a lot of damage and a slow, she'd be worthless. If you take away her slow and damage, what else does she have? A silence, but then, what would be the incentive of picking her as opposed to a hero like Silencer? And if she didn't have a slow, how would she escape from death like all the other carries? Her kiting potential would drop dramatically and she'd be reduced to an AGI hero with no survivability, escape mechanism, and mediocre damage with her only true useful technique being a silence which in a sense is also useless late game if you're dealing with a carry like Anti-Mage who can still smack you around regardless if he's silenced or not.
i am not actually talking about removing these abilities from her, just reducing them to a certain extent
The best way i have found so far to counter DR is pick Lycanthrope, so easy once you get your ult. Slows dont affect Lycan when he is in 'ult mode' and he has no spells so silence is no good either once you have activated it, then just gank her. She can do nothing to him if you are at a similar lvl. If you do it early like lvl 6-7, she cant get going at all and is easy prey thru to the end of the match. I am no Dota expert but i have found him very effective against her.
There is a reason Drow isn't played on Captains Mode. I have an 80% winrate on Drow and like a 8 kdr with her, she's ridiculously imbalanced. I've personally stomped Drows mid and they come back from scores that are like -5 or worse to end up stomping our team. Also early game kills with Drow is riduclously easy to accomplish due to her high agility gain rate + her slow and silence. There is no other agility hero who does nearly as much damage and who has both a slow and silence. I literally played 15 games of Drow straight and lost only 1 of them. She's imbalanced, end of story.
You're playing against noobs. Put a team that knows how to gank Drow and not feed her/let her farm and she loses. End of story. Stop crying and learn how to play. I never lose against Drow when I pick a ganker because I take it upon myself to make sure she never accomplishes anything - no kills, no farm, no nothing.

The main thing people do in this community is whine about imbalances instead of accepting the fact that they're not good players. Even top ranking players like Na`Vi admit they make mistakes and throw games so I find it hilarious that some of you people think you're so good that the only way you can lose is if you're up against an "overpowered" hero.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Dilan; 2012. dec. 23. @ de. 6:03
Before the newest update she was indeed OP and the stats were showing it clearly. She was the number 1 picked hero and the success rate was off the charts, to add a simple comparation Centaur had an amazing win rate but Drow had even better and she was picked more than double than Centaur. There was a reason why Drow was not in Captains Mode and that is cause she was OP.
man...most annoying ones;Sniper,Pudge,Riki and Zeus.Drow? she'll not so annoying when her "Frost Arrow" skill reduced a little bit.I don't know anything about the new ones but those 4 hero makes me sick
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Chaotic Return; 2012. dec. 23. @ de. 9:08
i agree with duwi. drow is not overpowered, she'll lose if she cant farm, plus she's soft, thus she needs her slow and silence to help her survived, doesnt mean when someone uses drow, then the other team would lose. its all about teamwork and strategies. cheers to duwi :)
About the only hero I see being "OP" is PL, if the game makes it to late game, he is unstoppable. Played a game a while back where we starved enemy PL throughout the whole game but his team was pretty good so we couldn't push to win as soon as we would have liked to, so after a while PL got some key items and we couldn't stop him unless it was a 1v5 and that's if we had a dust to find him after he Doppel Walked.
PL is indeed unstoppable if you didn't pick any AoE heroes. Once again, he only dominates because the enemy team doesn't do anything to stop him. Drow wins when you let her farm or feed her all game long, and Phantom Lancer wins when no one on your team has AoE abilities to easily get rid of his clones. It's all about being a good player, knowing each heroes weakness and forming a strategy against it.

Like I said, I pick Bloodseeker against Drow every time. As soon as I hit level 6, I STALK her the entire game. At the beginning of fights I wait to see her pop up, I ult her and she's down almost instantly. It's really a easy concept. Stop dying, buy wards, and gank her.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Dilan; 2012. dec. 23. @ de. 9:53
Duwi eredeti hozzászólása:
Stop whining and learn how to play. If you're losing to Drow, then you're doing one of the things I listed above. You're letting her free farm, you're feeding her, you don't buy items to counter her, you don't land your stuns and ultimates, and then you come to the forum begging for nerfs.

Yea, try playing pub matches against one and then come back to talk to us about how "easily countered" drow is. My bet is that drow is ALL YOU EVER PLAY.

Most of the time, you can't win a game when the other team has her (except in the rare case that the player playing Drow is absolutely horrendous). They nerfed Cent, but left Drow with only reduction in creep aura? The nerf hammer will come. SOmeday let's hope.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Zeejet; 2012. dec. 29. @ du. 8:02
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