Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® II – Retribution™
Steam 熱門攻略 編撰攻略、參考說明以及過關指南
DaPowerTaylors Guide To Everything Imperial Guard.
由 DaPowerTaylor
In this guide i shall attempt to detail everything possible about the Imperial Guard in DOW: Retribution, with a focus mostly on online play including unit strengths and weaknesses, viable tactics and what in particular to watch out for when fighting each...
Полезная информация по героям режима The Last Stand (Последний Рубеж)
由 [ECL] NuRgLe
По своему давнему опыту игры расскажу небольшой обзор на тему всех героев Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War ll Retribution...
DoW2 Basic Ranked Multiplayer Extended
由 Stugosaurus
A guide that covers many of the basic concepts and gameplay you'll encounter when playing a ranked victory point game intended to help new players get to grips with the rather unique play DoW uses in relation to your standard base building RTS...
Last Stand - Essential Knowledge and Strategies
由 faceplant712
An attempt to go beyond the basics into less known but crucial strategies for survival, kiting, beating high waves, and not lagging so goddamn much. Bring your big boy reading glasses: as you can see from the picture, this guide is serious business....
Dawn of war Retribution : The last stand : Wave 20
由 ☭Duelblade49☭
In this guide you will learn the main focus on every hero and their builds and list all of their wargear with their uses. -Farseer -HiveTyrant -Chaos Sorcerer -Space Marine Captain -Lord General -Ork MekBoy -Shas'O Commander This guide will al...
Dawn of War: Total Noob Guide
由 Rene
A guide on how to avoid many common mistakes noobs tend to make, as well as some brief strategy to help get you on the right track...
Dawn of War 2 - A last stand guide
由 King DeDeDe
A little guide I wrote to talk about effective gear loadouts in The Last Stand mode...
Как создать свой бэйдж для Dawn of War II: Retribution и добавить его в редактор
由 Fallen_Trid