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Find all Collectable Items
av .PolluX
If you want to get all the collectable items, just open this guide!...
Все чит-коды в Saints Row: The Third
av K1NG
В данном руководстве я напишу все читы коды для Saints Row: The Third....
Codes for Sandbox Plus
av Shitlord of Shitlords, sELITE
These are the keyboard commands for the Sandbox + mod by the lovely Idolninja over at, which you can download at
ЛЕГАЛЬНЫЕ чит-коды
av Quazzy_Mod
В данном руководстве я расскажу о кодах, которые существуют в Saints Row: The Third...
Saints Row: The Third - Cheats
av DaKoTa
Cheats for SR3...
Map of Locations
av Owen
Guide where you can see interesting locations to get Drug Package, Money Pallet, Sex Doll and Photo Op. You also see locations for Barnstorming, Gang Operations and Jumps. ↓ ↓ ↓ Click this fancy button!...
Customizing Non-Customizable Vehicles
av Trisha
Frustrated by cars that are labled as non-customizable? Irritated that the game won't let you have that solid-gold tank? Fear not! This guide will show you how to open the customization menu for any vehicle you choose!...
Saints Row: The Third — Гайд по достижениям. Часть 2. DLC
av Monster_King
Вторая часть гайда по достижениям Saints Row: The Third. Продолжаем продлевать удовольствие от игры, проход...
Saints Row: The Third — Гайд по достижениям
av Monster_King
Saint's Row: The Third - игра по сути не сложная, но что более обидно, она очень короткая. Всего-навсего 47 миссий. Остаться в игре и заодно получить море...
[FULL] Saints Row The Third - Cheats Guide
av Kazual
Have you completed Saints Row The Third and want to enjoy it further! Do you want a Guide to help you with your in-game money problems, increasing your amount of guns or and drive around in the best and biggest cars? This is your Guide, Enjoy...