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Codes for Sandbox Plus
af Shitlord of Shitlords, sELITE
These are the keyboard commands for the Sandbox + mod by the lovely Idolninja over at, which you can download at
Find all Collectable Items
af .PolluX
If you want to get all the collectable items, just open this guide!...
[Dr.Alex] Saints Row The Third - Свет! Камера! Мотор!
af dokartist
How to get money easy and fast!
af monkeyrider00
How to get fast and easy money for killing Professor Genki with no cheats. This is very easy way to get some money....
Saints Row: The Third - Badge Guide
All 'Saints Row: The Third' Badges which you can earn by crafting a set of 'Saints Row: The Third' trading cards....
Все чит-коды в Saints Row: The Third
af K1NG
В данном руководстве я напишу все читы коды для Saints Row: The Third....
Видео руководство по убийствам
af Rugged Jollier
Подробный видео-гайд по всем убийствам из "Книги Святых"...
*You're My Hero!* Achievement
af Comfort-Table
This is how to get the: "You're My Hero!" challenges achievement! (Note: still in progress)...
Saints Row the Third Cheat Codes for PC
af ESF Truth
This is Saints Row The Third's cheat codes for computer/pc! Enjoy!...
Make EASY, FAST Cash!
af -3xA'Lu©κy
I've seen this method posted on the internet numerous times (that uses NO CHEATS) and for your enjoyment, have made a simple guide allowing for others who do not know of it, to use it also. This method will earn you $5,108 every 10 seconds and is helpf...