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[Dr.Alex] Saints Row The Third - Свет! Камера! Мотор!
by dokartist
Codes for Sandbox Plus
by Shitlord of Shitlords, sELITE
These are the keyboard commands for the Sandbox + mod by the lovely Idolninja over at, which you can download at
Saints Row: The Third - Badge Guide
All 'Saints Row: The Third' Badges which you can earn by crafting a set of 'Saints Row: The Third' trading cards....
Find all Collectable Items
by .PolluX
If you want to get all the collectable items, just open this guide!...
Ow My Balls! Achievment Guide
by Batman
This is the guide to get the Ow My Balls! Achievments on Saints Row 3...
Как быть, когда нужна дурная слава?
by Rugged Jollier
Случается так, что для выполнения какой-то задачи в игре, необходима дурная слава банд Стил-Порта. Это не проблема в начале и в середине игры...
Видео руководство по убийствам
by Rugged Jollier
Подробный видео-гайд по всем убийствам из "Книги Святых"...
"Genki Bowl Champ" Achievements guide
by Terc
"Genki Bowl Champ" achievement guide...
Empinar a traseira da moto (Challenge: Stoppie Distance)
by XRob
(Tutorial in PT-BR and English) Um dos desafios do "SAINTSBOOK" é o de empinar a traseira de uma moto por 305 metros, (Challenge: Stoppie Distance). A tecla para fazer a manobra não está definida. Siga esses passos: (Follow the steps) 1 - Con...
*You're My Hero!* Achievement
by Comfort-Table
This is how to get the: "You're My Hero!" challenges achievement! (Note: still in progress)...