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Find all Collectable Items
by .PolluX
If you want to get all the collectable items, just open this guide!...
Все чит-коды в Saints Row: The Third
by K1NG
В данном руководстве я напишу все читы коды для Saints Row: The Third....
Codes for Sandbox Plus
by Shitlord of Shitlords, sELITE
These are the keyboard commands for the Sandbox + mod by the lovely Idolninja over at, which you can download at
SRTT Common Fixes Guide
by JudgeTiberius
This guide covers all of the common fixes for SRTT. I'd advise trying everything here before posting in the forums, otherwise you'll most likely be told to do the things in this guide anyway. It's designed to compliment Der Hexer's [Url=http://steamcommu...
ЛЕГАЛЬНЫЕ чит-коды
by Quazzy_Mod
В данном руководстве я расскажу о кодах, которые существуют в Saints Row: The Third...
Saints Row: The Third - Cheats
by DaKoTa
Cheats for SR3...
Map of Locations
by Owen
Guide where you can see interesting locations to get Drug Package, Money Pallet, Sex Doll and Photo Op. You also see locations for Barnstorming, Gang Operations and Jumps. ↓ ↓ ↓ Click this fancy button!...
Customizing Non-Customizable Vehicles
by Seraph
Frustrated by cars that are labled as non-customizable? Irritated that the game won't let you have that solid-gold tank? Fear not! This guide will show you how to open the customization menu for any vehicle you choose!...
Saints Row: The Third — Гайд по достижениям. Часть 2. DLC
by Monster_King
Вторая часть гайда по достижениям Saints Row: The Third. Продолжаем продлевать удовольствие от игры, проход...
Saints Row: The Third — Гайд по достижениям
by Monster_King
Saint's Row: The Third - игра по сути не сложная, но что более обидно, она очень короткая. Всего-навсего 47 миссий. Остаться в игре и заодно получить море...
[FULL] Saints Row The Third - Cheats Guide
by Kazual
Have you completed Saints Row The Third and want to enjoy it further! Do you want a Guide to help you with your in-game money problems, increasing your amount of guns or and drive around in the best and biggest cars? This is your Guide, Enjoy...
Читы на русском языке Saints Row: The Third
by Dr. Shpritz
Для русских людей....
Saints Row: The Third Guide
by Congregate
Welcome to my Saints Row: The Third Guide page. Here you'll find Saints Row: The Third PC cheat codes, Secrets, Radio Station Track Listings,General Info, Video Walkthrough,Saints Row History and Steam Achievements. If you want to up your game it is impor...
Saints Row:The Third.Что делать с другом в кооперативе?
by Nikola Tesla
Итак,ваш друг пригласил вас в кооперативную игру.Вас двое,и в вашем распоряжении целый город.Чем можно заняться?...
Sandbox+ Commands
by NextGen 1080p 60fps
Help you through the Commands if you have Sandbox+ installed...
Секреты и Пасхалки в Saints Row: The Third
by Shiba Tatsuya
Секреты Saints Row: The Third...
Коды для Saint's Row: the Third
by Snake
Коды для Saint's Row: the Third...
Прокачка непрокачиваемого авто (RUS)
by Hro_Ompel'
Этот способ поможет прокачать заблоченные автомобили....
Saints Row: The Third 100% Completion Guide
by GeoLuz
This guide will explain how to achieve 100% completion for Saints Row: The Third. There has been a lot of confusion over what constitutes 100% completion, including an incorrect claim in the Prima official strategy guide. I achieved 100% completion and I ...
Riding In Passenger Seat
by Cpt Warisarcy
Steps to ride in passenger seat....
General Help & Troubleshooting Saints Row: The Third
by Der Hexer
Here are some informations for those people with issues starting and playing Saints Row: The Third on a PC or laptop. If you have further informations how to fix a problem please let me know - i'll add it to the guide and give you credit for it, th...
How to get a car in your Apartment/Penthouse
by MR.Die! aka MRZx3
This Guide will teach you how you can get a car in your Penthouse/Apartment Its Pretty Hard to do this alone! You will better try this with you friend in coop! (DeadPool -
Official Soundtrack Saints Row: The Third
by Deathstroke
Music is written to Malcolm Kirby Jr....
Cheats And Some Extras
by Binddz
A guide were you can find a large number of cheats, and some helpfull extras to the game, hope you like it, and if you don´t, don't be a jackass, and don´t comment. Enjoy! :D...
Saints Row: The Third Guide [PL]
by Drax
Witaj w moim poradniku do Saints Row: The Third. Znajdziesz tutaj Kody, Sekrety, Ogólne Informacje, Historię Saints Row i Osiągnięcia Steam. Jeżeli chcesz polepszyć swoją grę potrzebujesz dobrych źródeł. Zerknij na Kody i inne wskazówki do Sai...
Saints Row: The Third - Развлекательные полеты и Уникальные прыжки
by uimin
Карты и видео Развлекательных полетов и Уникальных прыжков...
Make EASY, FAST Cash!
by -3xA'Lu©κy
I've seen this method posted on the internet numerous times (that uses NO CHEATS) and for your enjoyment, have made a simple guide allowing for others who do not know of it, to use it also. This method will earn you $5,108 every 10 seconds and is helpf...
Easter Eggs And Secrets
by Unicløck
Hello guys this is Unicløck with my first guide for Saints Row the Third :) this guide is about some of the secrets in Saints Row the Third i hope you guys enjoy :D Thanks guys for the rate and comments, have a nice day :D...
Panzer tunen und lackieren
by P4ckY
Regt es euch auch manchmal auf, dass ihr einige Fahrzeuge (z.b. Panzer) nicht tunen könnt? Hierfür gibt es einen ganz einfachen Trick den ich euch in folgendem Guide erkläre, er ist leicht zu merken und für jedes Auto verfügbar....
How to Customize Uncustomizble Cars.
by Momo™
First of all you should get any Customizble Car then to go a Rim Job then Press E to Customize it then Press on Garage and Keep you'r mouse Hooverd over a Car,Tank or any thing you want to customzie then press Exit and Exit it will open a new screen That...
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