Slice 2012年9月17日下午7:48
Free Weekend Pre-load...where?
As I left a game of Payday I saw in the update news that there was going to be a free weekend of this game, and that you can pre load it beforehand. Though there is no mention of it in the news section or anywhere on steam. Whats the deal?
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Vault-Tec Personal Wombat 2012年9月17日下午8:00 
No clue. Same thing for me.
foxy 2012年9月17日下午8:04 
same thing and when i try top click, "click for details" it does nothing but hopefully in the next day or so it will tell us what we have to do.
Mcen 2012年9月17日下午8:14 
add me to play :D
PornstarLux 2012年9月17日下午8:23 
I almost bought the game on Saturday glad I waited though : D
blackstar 2012年9月17日下午8:45 
yeah same here. it probably will show up tomorrow.
« AJ* 2012年9月17日下午8:46 
same here. clicking on " click for details" does nothing. no option anywhere to preload. :s ?
Strawberry Marie 2012年9月17日下午8:50
I am eagerly awaiting this...
Azu 2012年9月17日下午9:05 
I am also waiting for it... no clue what the "clic here for details" button does :S
Mustaine 2012年9月17日下午9:31 
Try this in your browser - steam://install/55230
最后由 Mustaine 编辑于; 2012年9月17日下午9:31
Illarox 2012年9月18日上午12:15 
I already own the game. When I click the "Click here for details" button it opens the Steam installation window for SR3.
HoTTzeR8 2012年9月18日上午1:37 
Just be patience ;D
We all waiting for it
BEEF SUPREME 2012年9月18日上午3:36 
引用自 Mustaine
Try this in your browser - steam://install/55230

Did it, nothing happened.
DirtyMac 2012年9月18日上午4:10 
will I be able to finish this game within free weekend?
最后由 DirtyMac 编辑于; 2012年9月18日上午4:16
Nuclear Kangaroo 2012年9月18日上午5:50 
hah same boat, i really wanted to try this one out, its a good thing they finally allow pre-loads for free weekends, i guess we will have to wait until the feature works
Whisperity 2012年9月18日上午5:55 
The pre-load subscription is already on our accounts (if you check your purchase history, you'll see the entry), it only seems that Steam cannot present it in the library.

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