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[V] IdolNinja Oct 26, 2013 @ 11:21am
Saints Row: The Third Modding - Embrace the Crazy
Volition loves modding and is now supporting the fan community with tools, support, and an upcoming full featured SDK! Your one-stop-shop for Saints Row modding is the community over at

Over the past few years, Saints Row modders have been continuously releasing all sorts of fun and interesting additions to the game. Here's a recommended list of mods that's a good place to start for players who are new to modding Saints Row: The Third.

Gentlemen of Steelport (GoS) is a mod collection featuring work by me (IdolNinja) and the rest of the modding community. It's kind of like a base install you want first and then add additional mods to it for flavor. GoS is a batch menu interface that makes everything build correctly and play nice together so you don't have to do arcane command line nonsense to get things working. By default it contains things like mission replay, the ability to customize all vehicles including uniques/boats/planes, reinstates all the sr2 cheats, and a ton of other fun stuff. You can always grab the latest build from the Downloads section at:

Sandbox+ for SRTT allows you to do all sorts of crazy stuff using keyboard shortcuts including teleporting to mission only locations, toggling STAG presence and things like the zombie island, activating superpowers on the fly, listening to radio on-foot, etc:

Npc Behaviour and Spawn mod introduces a lot of additional npcs and makes the different city sections feel more unique. It populates all the node points with special animations like cops pulling people over, protestors, etc so they happen much more often. It also allows for all sorts of crazy customization colors and types to spawn for vehicles. Plus, the npcs are much more aggressive leading to all sorts of emergent behavior and shenanigans. I've seen huge gang wars get started in the middle of the street from a simple traffic collision that escalated. I've seen old ladies getting♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off and tazing cops. I've seen tigers roaming around the streets mauling gang members. I've seen midget wrestlers getting into fights with question marks. It makes Steelport a much more vibrant and interesting place to just tool around in:

Steelport Flashback Movie Festival mod changes all the billboards to 80s/90s movie posters like Karate Kid, Tron, Blade Runner, etc:

All new character customization mod that changes all the boring vanilla tattoos to awesome kickass ones:

Shiny clothes for the main character mod lets you modify individual pieces of clothing to give them a latex or wet look. The results are pretty incredible if you like playing pretty dress-up (and don't we all.)

Steelport Gang DLC fixes was a joint effort between modders and Volition developers to correct many of clothing items from the dlc like the all black decker stockings that should be fishnets, the low res textures, uncolorable items, etc. NOTE: Only needed if you own the dlc otherwise it won't do you much good:

The above list are just some of our favorites. There are dozens of other mods to choose from in the mod release subfourms at Have fun!
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too cool (:
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Finally we can easily mod on SR :D
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pretty cool! also like these mods, bob ;)
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Thanks :D
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