Saint_Pain Feb 25 @ 10:54am
I'm holding out for a hero
I need a wing man or woman to help me do this last murder for hire mission. I think Zemose set me up cause no matter how much damage I do I can't get my target to show their face.

If you have done all these missions please come help me do some Murder Time ~ It's FUN TIME !!!
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Storm_at_Sea Feb 26 @ 4:57am 
You trying to draw that guy out, forget his name- wears read shirt/black vest, he's a pimp? Sometimes it does seem like it takes forever, but I usually have better luck at night (more 'ho's' on the road, though I've done it daytime too), and I work around Zimo's crib area, usually got the cops angered max. and around 3 stars for Morningstar and a handful or more of 'ho's' and he'll end up showing. I also did the Morningstar gang operation nearest Zimo's crib (up the road from Z's garage then take a left you'll see the fist emblem, unless you've cleared it already). I've done it a few times, just takes patience. I brought a follower too to have someone helping cause even more damage. If you have the Saint's tank jump in there, follower will too and I was able to take out the other tanks/swat easier and I blew the guy up when he showed. I just redid this again this morning. Bit of a grind, took around 30min. for him to show. Can duck into Z's if your health gets low just don't go upstairs to reset damage/anger levels.

If you've not tried this area maybe it'll be better for you. (I've done this assassination 3 or more times, always here). Good luck.
WhistlerDark Feb 27 @ 1:36am 
Hang out near the Safe Word and just blast the street until the Morning Start show up, then kill in mass. Once you get four stars of notoriety he will show his sleazy face. If you have faster decaying notoriety from your bonuses you will have to do a ****-ton of killing quickly.
Saint_Pain Feb 27 @ 10:17am 
Yep it took eipic effort but I finally got him. Thanks for the advice ~;)
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