weirdphil Feb 19 @ 10:26pm
[RESOLVED] Crashing during co-op. =\
Trying to do some co-op with a buddy of mine who recently picked up SRTT. The game is crashing to desktop on me when we start the first Guardian Angel mission for Pierce. Shows us both sitting in the helicopter for the brief intro before the mission begins, then crashes. My buddy gets some sound that repeats itself over and over for a short bit until his game realizes that I've disconnected, and then I need to join my friend all over again. I've already beaten the game and wanted him to host so I can play as my endgame character. He's got a less beefy pc running the DX9 client on Windows 7 on medium settings while I run the DX11 client at Ultimate settings on Windows 8. Both of us are using wired xbox 360 controllers to play. Neither of us are using cheats or mods. We're both also running fresh installs and haven't found anything missing with the file validation. I'm playing for the 2 co-op achievements that I missed. Just trying to include as much info here as possible for you guys. What would you recommend? Do I need to switch to the DX9 client? Should I make a new character and host, because it's not too far into the story... We've also both got all/most dlc. He has the Full Package and the only DLC I haven't purchased is the invincible pack with the cheats.

We've both verified files, nothing missing. I've tried switching to the DX9 client, that hasn't resolved anything. I guess I'll probably try making a new character and hosting next.
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weirdphil Feb 19 @ 11:17pm 
Alright, I've done all I can. It looks like the issue may have been caused by my endgame character having a fully-upgraded rpg launcher. I had a save file that was 4% complete, loaded that, hosted with my buddy, and completed all the missions up to and including Guardian Angel without issue. I'll just need to continue playing with that lower level save instead of the endgame save if I want to avoid any other possible issues.
Nifuzon Feb 20 @ 8:01am 
good luck
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