Sleep Jul 3 @ 2:57pm
Saints Row 3 is bugged.
Hi I already finished Saints Row 3 three times, and it all was good. Now I wanted to finish Saints Row 3 on Hardcore difficulty but the game started to be buggy! firstly, in the first missions there's already S.T.A.G gates and Shaundi started to walk in the walls everytime we're not in a car. Now I tried doing the mission where you find Oleg, but when I try to go up on the elevator that is right after you see Oleg, it's bugging out. The elevator takes me to the out of the building (the top of the building) and the mission fails because my crew isnt near me. Is it my computer or anyone else has this problem?
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Der Hexer Jul 3 @ 4:56pm 
nope, missions on hardcore were not bugged for me

any mods installed?
already verifyed the game files?
Sleep Jul 3 @ 4:59pm 
I have no mods installed and how do you verify game files?
Pencil Jul 3 @ 6:19pm 
Saints Row: The Third (Right Click) > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity...
Let it scan and run it afterwards.
Sleep Jul 3 @ 8:04pm 
Thank you
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