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Riker Apr 18, 2013 @ 1:44pm
This game... don't buy it.
I've just spent almost 5 minutes of combat animation trying to flank those two beam frigates or whatever they're called... Really, invincible armor? Why don't you give one to me? Either that, or give me a weapon that actually inflicts damage, because those missiles just don't do anything in any reasonable time.

Why is there no speed up button? Why do I have to waste additional 30 seconds of my life waiting for those "animations" to finish?

Combat would be fun if there was an actual combat... MS's minesweeper is more dynamic, and no, the fact, that it basically is a turn-based game does not mean, that the combat must be so slow.

Seriously, this game is boring, slow paced, and does not offer any interesting feature. If you consider buying it... don't.
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Psychomancer Apr 25, 2013 @ 3:34pm 
Hits deal little damage (especially early on without upgrades) unless you get a bottom or engine hit on enemies. I also seem to be getting random hits on armored sections as well, possible random event? No idea.

I like the pace of the game, and the music really helps you get into it. I'll admit, watching your fleet get decimated over the course of one turn does destroy a small part of your soul, but it also makes the gravity of your orders EXTREMELY apparent.

I know I can't convince you to like it, or even give it a neutral review, but this comment is an attempt to point out the merits of a small and fun indie title, even if it doesn't get everything right.

NOTE: I may be slightly biased. I bought this and three other Blendo games in a bundle for just over a dollar, so they were all exteremly worth the reduced price, even if you can't take fighting owl karaoke-kings in spaceships seriously.
Doubtful May 11, 2013 @ 9:26am 
Yeah...I agreed with the OP the first time I played. Then I played it for 10-15 minutes (total) and finally got my first kill, then a few minutes later my first actual victory and realized it's *gasp* a strategy game, and that it requires strategic thinking in choosing your orders. :P

Give it a chance, and you'll see that those beam frigates are actually not too bad, considering you have the ability to kill them without ever entering their range. :Db I found them easier than fighting ones with machine guns (or whatever it is) and rockets.

Also, lol @ responding to raging month-old posts, but still.

*edit* I meant to add that using the manual mode for adjusting ship orientation is a must for ensuring success. Your ship's gun can adjust automatically ( a little, it seems) even if the ship isn't pointed nose-first right at something, so you can adjust the ship's "roll" and other axes to ensure that fire coming from other targets won't hit you. It's a very smart little game, but you have to think things through. It's more like chess than rock-paper-scissors.

All of that said, I TOTALLY agree that it'd be nice to speed things up.
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Luftmensch Jun 11, 2013 @ 9:23am 
It sounds like you're a bit too impatient for this game, and your expectations were squarely in the wrong place. Flotilla is perfectly paced if you want a calming single-player campaign, or a tense multi-player campaign. There's a lot to discover and learn playing Flotilla. I for one got fifty hours out of it just unwinding after work and I enjoyed every minute.

Also it sounds like you skipped the tutorial/didn't read the instruction manual because you somehow don't understand how armor works in this game. It must be frustrating running into something new and different when you can't comprehend any game that doesn't fit your exact preconceptions of how a game should work.

You'll get out what you're willing to put in. In other words, Flotilla isn't for you.
keedor Aug 24, 2013 @ 2:44pm 
I also enjoy playing this game just for the fun of it after a hard day at work and the slower pace in combat is ideal for helping to wind down.

As regards those large ships with the beams, I think they are one of the easiest foes to destroy simply because they are so slow moving and their weapons hindered with such a short range. Distance is our ally here and although these enemies can absorb much damage before being destroyed, they can easily be outrun.
In other other words "You gotta chill out, bro"
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