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lpelajo Jul 11 @ 8:43pm
[H] Left 4 Dead 2 - [W] Offers 1:2
I only trade CARDS [This is VERY important]
I am willing to trade any card in my inventory for 2 of your random cards.
I only accept 1:2 Offers. [Also VERY important]
Don't offer me any of the following:

Game items

Also don't offer me trading cards from any of these following games:

Brutal Legend
Retro City Rampage
Radical Roach

The reasoning behind this is because those games have very bad tradability, and they also aren't the only games with that problem just a few I could think of.

Trading goes as follows:

1 of my cards for 2 of your random cards (1:2)
(2:4, 3:6, 4:8, 5:10, 6:12, 7:14, etc.)

Please keep your inventory public as I would like to see in the case of me wanting to make a counter offer.
If I don't like your offer I may counter offer it or simply reject it
Hope you get what you want, have fun trading with me.
And NO, I won't add you to my friend list.