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Left 4 Dead 2 Achievements Guide
Are you stuck on some Achievements that you don't know How to Achieve? Then look here. I will show you How to get Left 4 Dead 2 Achievements...
Гайд по достижениям Left 4 Dead 2
par Walrus
Самый подробный гайд о достижениях в Left 4 dead 2, на русском языке. В нём я рассмотрю все достижения и расскажу как максимально просто их выпол...
Console Commands, Third Person View, Splitscreen and Eastereggs
par Ov3RT4K3R
Console Commands, Third Person View, Splitscreen and Eastereggs...
Versus Strategy Guide
par 3errick
This guide will teach you the various strategies and tactics used in a versus game. It covers many tips and tricks that can help you become a more effective player....
Admin System - Command List
par Rayman1103
This guide details the available commands for my Admin System mod. If you have any questions or are having problems getting a command to work, please let me know and I'd be happy to assist you. The mod can be found on both [url=
Combat Shotgun vs. Tactical Shotgun
par Facetious
Comparing the strengths and uses of the Combat Shotgun and Tactical Shotgun of Left 4 Dead 2....
Single Player Cheat Codes
par HayaL33T
Cheat Codes for Single Player - Left 4 Dead 2 Hileleri...
How to Play Versus with Offline AI
par Major-General xCowY
The Left 4 Dead console allow you to play versus on your own. Here is how....
How To Be A Good Team Player.
par ۞ [デイズ] Azami_HD
How to be a Good Teamate and not a Burden (Also Includes a Guide!)...
Proper Item Usage
par Restless
Learn how to best use your First Aid Kits, Pain Pills, Adrenaline Shots, Defibrillators, and Special Ammunition!...
Guide to Level Up your Steam Profile
par Tя!cky ツ
I get asked alot ... How did i get to Level 100? Why should you care about Leveling Up your Steam Profile...? 1) If your a L4D2 Modder like me you can unlock both Workshop Showcases, to show your Mods! 2) Too many Friends and not enough room in yo...
The Weapon Guide for L4D2
par Shao
This guide will provide you very detailed information about the weapons, telling proper use and which one suits more over the style of gameplay you enjoy the most. Contains also common and rare tips used by most experienced players. All info's were too...
Using the L4D2 Steam Workshop
par Jimo
I will give you instructions on how to download and use mods and maps from the L4D2 Steam Workshop....
Proper Tank/Witch Handling
par Restless
Ways to handle these minibosses....
Guide For New Players
par The Amazing Cube
A guide to teach the basics of Left For Dead 2...
Custom Melee Mod (Maya)
par Splinks
In this tutorial you will be taught the ways of Valve style of modding L4D2. Within this guide you will be using the source files used by Valve itself, which will be giving you the ability to make custom models, textures, and even animations. Before w...
Custom Survivor Replacement
par Splinks
Welcome Masses! If you're here clueless let me fill you in. On this page you will be educated on how to do a model replacement for L4D2 survivors. This tutorial will have the steps you need to know how to set up, start, finish a custom survivor replac...
Как убить ведьму без особых усилий
par Dobryak:3
Left 4 Dead Tips For New Players
par Lethe
This is a guide on how to approach becoming an expert at the Left 4 Dead series over time - going over single-player and versus game modes, so you too can write '2ez' at the end of every run....
How to play versus by yourself with Infected and Survivor Bots
par W R
Given the number of times people request this information, I thought maybe I'd make a single thread with all the information you need and see if maybe we can have it made into a Sticky, just to avoid some of the clutter. There are several ways you can ...
How to play single player versus
par Espio.
Title says it all. With this guide i hope people learn to play versus in a safe environment to later jump into real action....
Understanding the AI Director
par ÜberKiller
Cracking the Code of the AI Director....
Подробное руководство по Left 4 Dead 2
par Tas|Green
Данное руководство, предназначено как для опытных пользователей, так и для тех, кто еще не успел оценить все прелести и достоинства легенда...
Valve Gift Grab Achievement 2011 - How to get in any year!
par Sage
This guide will thell you how to get the Valve Gift Grab Achievement 2011 for Left 4 Dead 2 but on ANY YEAR....
How to kill Tanks easily
par ThatchyDylan2
This guide will teach you on how to kill those dang Tanks in L4D2!...
Valve Gift Grab 2011 – L4D2
par Konakona
How to get the achievement "Valve Gift Grab 2011 – L4D2" with "Improved Bots (Advanced)" "WITHOUT USING DEV.CONSOLE!"...
You Might Be A Bad Teammate If...(Survivors)
par The Beast Incarnate
Exposing bad player habits in the versus community and providing instruction for how to correct these mistakes....
Campaign vs. Realism
par The Flying Engineer
This is a guide to show players the big and small differences between the usual campaign and realism....
THE SPECIAL INFECTED (Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected Guide)
par Mean fucking ostrich
Learn how to be the Special Infected in Left 4 Dead 2 (charger, jockey, hunter, smoker, boomer, spitter). This is a SI GUIDE by
Welcome Guide and Tips for New Players
par Wufei Chang
This will be a overall guide giving an explanation of game modes as well as giving gameplay hints and tips for new players coming into the game. ...
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