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L4D2 Tricks from a BOSS!(Survivors Style!)
by GreenConditions
All the tips and tricks from a BOSS!...
types of peopleZ on da wekshop and ot off twerkshop
by Nelson01023
k so dis is dat tuttoral on wat tu download on werkshop and non werkshop etems...
more achivments
by doomstar (aka robin)
need more goal? well here are some...
700th guide
by |Goose
How not to be a total Douche.
by FleetAdmiral_J
Do people call you an idiot, noob or just a plain douchebag? Do you feel like your a good player but don't know how to help then this guide is for you!...
Weapons vs Tank chart.
by Troop98™
This chart represents the amount of bullets/ damage required to take down a tank....
How don't be stagger when teammates get pounched
by Mr.Tank.Bhop™
Well, annoying to be stagger while you want to kill zombies right? now when a hunter pounche a survivor you only need to jump and well a survivor will be pounched you need to be in the air then you can kill him fast the same can be done by a boomer, jo...
How to Troll without players knowing
by GatoradeMeBitch
So this is going to be a guide on how to troll players without them knowing, however they may eventually pick it up, but usually with noobs they will never pic it up becuase they will just think your shit like them. It's no fun just joining a game and ...
When you should really use first aid kits
by Kai60™
Hello! This is my first guide and I'm (not that) really good at L4D2, but anyway. In this guide I'll tell you when you should and should not use a first aid kit. Soo yea, here it is....
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