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A guide to greatness and no life
by natu.Ϟw-
This guide is not interesting and whomever sees it and says to himself, meh what the hell is this crap does not deserve the knowledge and will never do :D...
How To Play Left 4 Dead 2
by †Mc L0vin†
Left 4 dead 2 Uncut
by [TRGFC] Andy_E_Guitar [Ger]
Jeder kennt das ihr seht euch Lets Plays an und seht das die zombies liegen bleiben oder Körperteile abgehen, mehr Blut spritzt ich kann euch bei diesem Problem helfen: 1. Ihr geht auf diese Seite und...
Guia definitiva, sobre los infectados del Left 4 Dead 2
by Ṫhe βeast.
Guia definitiva de todo los infectados especiales del L4D 2, todos los detalles de todos los infectados con el maximo detalle y al español 100x100% y todo gracias a Valergamer. (, tengan en cuenta que esta...
How to have some fun with your team in L4D2
by Bill Nye Teh Sweg Guy
A simple guide not to be bored....
How to win the Survival game mode!
by gtg fsat soz not soz bye
8/10 Australians said this guide effectively improved their mental and physical state --WARNING-- Only works if u are pro 420 no_sc0per...
Pontuação modo Versus - Score Versus mode!
by Bio & Tefi
Pontuação do modo Versus em todos as campanhas - Score Versus mode in all the campaigns!...
Advanced Vs Techniques
by ocd
Advanced Versus techniques and tactics....
Correct L4D2 stratagie guide
by [SCG|BG-OP] Ikari
This explains the functions of all infected....
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