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Mexican Assault System (MAS)
by Jules
This guide will teach you how to build your own MAS, or Mexican Assault System. This is a highly effective and non-violent technique designed to punish your crappy teammates. MAS obviates the need to shoot at teammates or otherwise directly harm them. ...
High-Quality Screenshots 101
by Jules
Making a fancy new mod or map? Need some pictures to showcase your upload in the Workshop? Look no further......
How to mute someone in-game!
by Danny
Someone bugging the hell out of you? Can't get rid of them? Here's how to get back some piece and quiet!...
How to fix the annoying "Model not precached" CTD bug
by Pheabus2009
Recently I returned to L4D2 to play with friends who just got the game during Christmas giveaway, it is still a nice experience, abeit some newly found bugs, like the "Model not precached" CTD errors while hosting local server on L4D1 maps, however I've ...
How to Troll in L4D2
by ᴰᴿᴬᴳᴼᴺ
Are you one of the most childish faces on the planet? Do you seek nothing but to feast off of the anger of other enraged players? Is your only game to play Left 4 Dead 2? This guide will teach you how to master the dark arts of trolling when it comes to T...
Guía para imagen con movimiento en Left4Dead2 (SPRAY)
by BgB - Bill ® "Chile"
Hola a todos después de un tiempo vuelvo con una nueva guía, esta vez veremos cómo transformar una imagen GIF en VTF que es el formato que permite importar L4D2 para las imágenes con movimiento...¡todo eso para utilizar el spray en las partidas! Cua...
Como usar los ADD-ONS en Left4dead 2
by BgB - Bill ® "Chile"
Tutorial para los ADD-ONS de Left4Dead Hola amigos en este tutorial describiremos como descargar un ADD-ONS en el WORKSHOP ya sea para un Mods o Campañas de ampliación. Lo primero que deben hacer obviamente es abrir el juego una vez h...
L4D2 Sprays
by Shady Blow <SteelSeries>
On this guide im going to teach you how to install spray and use them in-game, lets start! Installing Spray 1.Get your spray on this page 2.Go to OS (C:)/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/Common./left 4 dead 2...
How to replace music/sounds in l4d1 and l4d2 with a song/sound of your choice.
by JackRabbit
This is going to show you how to convert and replace sounds or music with the original music of l4d1 or 2. It is complicated to understand at first but it gets really easy once you do it. Please note: If your song cuts out before it is over, that's bec...
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