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Enemies: Boomer
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All Infected in L4D2
by Eddie Spaghetti
This guide isn't really that special. You probably already know about the common infected, but today I'll be teaching you about the uncommon and special infected....
Erweiterte Taktiken für Infizierte und Überlebende (Versus)
by Nietsewitch
Situationsbedingte Taktiken und schnelle Reaktion sind die Grundlagen für ein erfolgreiches Spiel in L4d2. Schnelle Reaktion kann man sich nicht durch einen Guide erarbeiten dafür aber taktische Klugheit. Die Zusammenarbeit und Unterstützung zwischen d...
How to succeed in L4D2.
by [Ebola] ℐℎℯ †Pancakes†
This is how to ultimately succeed in "L4D2."...
Cheats :3
by Rom (White Sister <3)
Are you tired of just playing the same campaigns and feel like you want to be in control? Well THAN YOU CAN! With this guide :3. I will halp you with cheat codes like for weapons,mapz,different ways to fly without noclip,spawn stuff and infected :3! Ther...
how 2 kill zambies
by ZeRocky
If u duan't know haw to kill zambies this wull help u 1step:press click 2:kill zambie 3:u kill ---------------------------------------------------------------------Gj----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Создание скинов (только текстуры!)
by Mace-the-Dreamkeeper
В этом руководстве я вас научу делать скины для Left 4 Dead 2 Для этого нам понадобится: 1. Эти программы: GCFScape, VTFEdit, PhotoShop и Left Dead 2 Authoring Tools 2. Вним...
Wie werde ich ein guter Left 4 Dead 2 Spieler!!!
by [RIP]deinemudda65
Hier beschreibe ich euch, was ihr AUF JEDEN FALL tun solltet, wenn ihr online spielt. 1. Spielt als Team ! Bleibt beim Team ! Helft dem Team ! Rusher sind in L4D2 micht erwünscht. 2. Versucht eure Teammitglieder nicht zu verletzen und macht dies a...
Получаем все достижения в игре Left 4 Dead 2
by Marik78
All you need to know about Left 4 Dead 2!
by Phillis Bill Willis
This guide contains everything, EVERYTHING, you need to know about L4D2. This includes the zombies and thier abilities, the weapon stats, the maps, the characters, tips and much more! If you are new, check this guide out! If you are pro, still check it ou...
How to Ditch Your Team
by Envy ♥ Drew
Sick of your team being slow as a snail? You want to get to the safe house without being held back? Then.. This guide is special for you, I'm going to teach you how to ditch your team....
My L4D2 'no-cheat' Achievement Guide!
by CS: Grumperson
Please note that these are my tips. I don't say they haven't been discovered or written down earlier, I just thought I could help players getting these achievements. Actually learning the game and playing all the game modes will give you insight into the ...
Guide to being infected in Versus-A guide pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each role
by BortyTheBort
This is a little guide showing how to use each Infected in Versus and Scavenge effectively,and how each zombie should be played...
Создание звуковых модов
by Mace-the-Dreamkeeper
В этом руководстве я вас научу делать звуковые моды для Left 4 Dead 2. Для этого нам понадобится: 1. Программы Freemake Audio Convertor и Left 4 Dead 2 Authoring Tools. 2. М...
Console commands and .cfg files, a basic guide
by Zeebotze
The goal of this guide is to help you understanding the functionality and importance of the ingame console and .cfg files. ...
Versus Strategy Guide
by 3errick
This guide will teach you the various strategies and tactics used in a versus game. It covers many tips and tricks that can help you become a more effective player....
Use the Console & Cheat Codes List in L4D2
by AymericTheNightmare
Codes for Left 4 Dead 2....
Подробное руководство по Left 4 Dead 2
by Tas|Green
Данное руководство, предназначено как для опытных пользователей, так и для тех, кто еще не успел оценить все прелести и достоинства легенда...
Valve Gift Grab Achievement 2011 - How to get in any year!
by S0ul Equinox
This guide will thell you how to get the Valve Gift Grab Achievement 2011 for Left 4 Dead 2 but on ANY YEAR....
How to Play Versus with Offline AI
by Major-General xCowY
The Left 4 Dead console allow you to play versus on your own. Here is how....
How To Be A Good Team Player.
by Azami_HD
How to be a Good Teamate and not a Burden (Also Includes a Guide!)...
Guide For New Players
by The Amazing Cube
A guide to teach the basics of Left For Dead 2...
How to play single player versus
by Espio.
Title says it all. With this guide i hope people learn to play versus in a safe environment to later jump into real action....
How to kill zombies like comrade Kamenev
by ☦ Artheдain ☦
How to kill zombies like comrade Kamenev. In this guide I will show you how to kill da zombies with Russian precision....
Welcome Guide and Tips for New Players
by Wufei
This will be a overall guide giving an explanation of game modes as well as giving gameplay hints and tips for new players coming into the game. ...
THE SPECIAL INFECTED (Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected Guide)
by potatoe
Learn how to be the Special Infected in Left 4 Dead 2 (charger, jockey, hunter, smoker, boomer, spitter). This is a SI GUIDE by
Optimising Your Configurations & How To autoexec.cfg
by Shaa-Li
Optimal performance guide for l4d2: Lerp/rates, video settings, mouse settings, nvidia settings, the net graph & how to make an autoexec.cfg. Settings that must be changed if you want to play like a pro :D. Enjoy :D Please click thumbs up rating & f...
How To Predict/Determine Which Special Infected Will/Has Spawned (bacteria folder♪ & other methods)
by Shaa-Li
There is music played when a special infected is about to spawn or has been spawned. With knowledge of this you can determine/predict what special infected there is or will be. Other methods of spawn predicting also mentioned: Spawn queue & Full ca...
Realism Expert Guide
by Izzy ♥zuzu✿♥
This is a much-needed guide on how to play Realism Expert without dying in the first 5 minutes of joining a game on this difficulty. This covers everything from what weapons best complement each other to the best strategies against the infected....
The Survivors From Left 4 Dead 2
by ϟ-Blizzard-λ-SToRm๏̯͡๏~
You may play The Survivors but do you know Who they were Before the Zombie Apocalypse? Here you can find out who Coach,Ellis,Nick and Rochelle were before the Zombie Apocalypse......
A Satirical Summary of Characters in L4D2
by Country Steaks
Learn a little about the cast!...
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