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Enemies: Boomer
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Things You (maybe) Never Knew of in L4D2 [VIDEO GUIDE]
by Dom
This is a VIDEO guide to tips, tricks, glitches and eastereggs. Observations, strategies and secrets explained on every map in every campaign in L4D2. Things you never knew....
L4D2: How to change your survivor
by ♥Spy★ ق
You want to change your survivor? But don't know how? Here is the answer....
[Nice Mod Released]:Play Left 4 Dead 2 with Counter-Strike feeling
by Richard
EN:Hello,now I share the nice L4D2 Mod Pack what I collected from Workshop or L4DMAPS,the Mod Pack has many weapons(such as Melee,Pistol,Shotgun,SMG,Rifle,Sniper,Throwing and Grenade Launcher) mods and brand new 8 survivors mods!You can see the following ...
How to Live
by Lord Frieza
Ever wanted to survive in Left 4 Dead 2? Then this is for you, It teaches you all the things you need!...
by •GiPiTo•
This Guide will show you how to Get the Achievement BRIDGE OVER TREBLED SLAUGHTER. The finale on the Parish level has a bridge that you have to cross to get to the escape vehicle. It is much like a gauntlet. In order to get this achievement, you just have...
how 2 kill tonk
by Maya Fey
point gun at fatass man and click left click mak sure 2 thro molotoves to stahp kill steeal 4 extra kredit...
How to play versus by yourself with Infected and Survivor Bots
by white
Given the number of times people request this information, I thought maybe I'd make a single thread with all the information you need and see if maybe we can have it made into a Sticky, just to avoid some of the clutter. There are several ways you can ...
Use the Console & Cheat Codes List
by AymericTheNightmare
- How to Unlock the Console : The console starts disabled by default. To enable it, load the game and visit Options > Keyboard > Advanced. There will be a pop-up that will include two options, one of them labeled "Enable Developer Console". Once enable...
My L4D2 'no-cheat' Achievement Guide!
by CsaBBer
Please note that these are my tips. I don't say they haven't been discovered or written down earlier, I just thought I could help players getting these achievements. Actually learning the game and playing all the game modes will give you insight into the ...
Basic L4D2 Terminology / Slang
by 3errick
Common L4D2 terms and their meanings....
Welcome Guide and Tips for New Players
by Wufei Chang
This will be a overall guide giving an explanation of game modes as well as giving gameplay hints and tips for new players coming into the game. ...
Подробное руководство по Left 4 Dead 2
by Tas|Green
Данное руководство, предназначено как для опытных пользователей, так и для тех, кто еще не успел оценить все прелести и достоинства легенда...
THE SPECIAL INFECTED (Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected Guide)
by Road Runner
Learn how to be the Special Infected in Left 4 Dead 2 (charger, jockey, hunter, smoker, boomer, spitter). This is a SI GUIDE by
Valve Gift Grab Achievement 2011 - How to get in any year!
by s0ul Equinox
This guide will thell you how to get the Valve Gift Grab Achievement 2011 for Left 4 Dead 2 but on ANY YEAR....
How To Be A Good Team Player.
by Mrthespyman
How to be a Good Teamate and not a Burden (Also Includes a Guide!)...
Guide For New Players
by The Amazing Cube
A guide to teach the basics of Left For Dead 2...
Versus Strategy Guide
by 3errick
This guide will teach you the various strategies and tactics used in a versus game. It covers many tips and tricks that can help you become a more effective player....
How to play single player versus
by Espio.
Title says it all. With this guide i hope people learn to play versus in a safe environment to later jump into real action....
Ecko's Expert Compilation Guide
by Ecko
The comphrensive guide to all and everything Left 4 Dead related....
How To Predict/Determine Which Special Infected Will/Has Spawned (bacteria folder♪ & other methods)
by Shaa-Li
There is music played when a special infected is about to spawn or has been spawned. With knowledge of this you can determine/predict what special infected there is or will be. Other methods of spawn predicting also mentioned: Spawn queue & Full ca...
L4D2 для чайников
by River[4]Side
Простое и более менее понятное руководство по игре как за зараженных, так и за выживших персонажей. Особенности игры и прочие полезные сове...
Realism Expert Guide
by Izzy
This is a much-needed guide on how to play Realism Expert without dying in the first 5 minutes of joining a game on this difficulty. This covers everything from what weapons best complement each other to the best strategies against the infected....
Left 4 Dead 2: A Dying Art
by Koil
Remember when Left 4 Dead 2 was first released and everybody loved playing it? I was one of those who always had a thirst for gutting the inner remnants of an undead human being with weapons such as a shotgun, grenade launcher, or a pipe bomb with four of...
Optimising Your Configurations & How To autoexec.cfg
by Shaa-Li
Basic tweak guide for l4d2: Optimal lerp/rates, vertical sync/video settings for l4d2. Settings that must be changed if you want to play like a pro :D The in game network graph information is explained. I also outline everything you need to know abo...
Dealing with Special Infected
by (ISIG) Scorpionspear77
New to the game and having a tough time dealing with the Special Infected? Don't worry, I'm here to help. This guide will go over each Special Infected, what they do, how you can avoid being hit by them, what to do if one of your teammates is caught, and ...
How to be a good Special Infected (Don't listen to kooky's guide)
by ₪ Şƥįґҩȴ
Actual tips to improve your infected versus playing unlike another guide that inspired me to write this one....
Special Infected Strategy
by Destar
A simple guide that detals organized Special Infected strategy...
An indepth guide for handling special infected
by Jaguar games
Special techniques for handling special infected alone....
L4D2 Survivor and Special Infected Basics.
by Inspector Bonk
The Basic Do's and Don'ts for Survivors and special infected. I wanted to make this guide since there are a lot of new players/noobs (However you want to call them) playing this game, since L4D2 was free during Christmas. This information comes from my ex...
Scavenge Strategy Guide
by Gryffin
Strategy guide for Scavenge. How to play as a team and general tips for each special infected class....
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