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How to lead your lobby (for idiots)
by uskro
How to be a lobby leader in 2 easy chapters....
All Infected in L4D2
by Eddie Spaghetti
This guide isn't really that special. You probably already know about the common infected, but today I'll be teaching you about the uncommon and special infected....
How to remove motion blur in L4d2(no matter shader sttings)
by † Ethius
This is how to remove motion blur no matter your shader settings Go to library > right click in l4d2 > Properties > Launch game options > +mat_motion_blur_percent_of_screen_max 0 <--then copy and paste this in there DONE!!! Thats it! No more bothe...
How to Get CS Weapons in L4D2
by ExTheMan
This is a Tutorial how to Get CS (Counter Strike) Weaons in L4D2 (A sh*tty Guide i made almost 2 Years ago, which i regret making it because back then i had the worst English and Grammar ever, which caused me wanna Remake the Entire thing, Enjoy this Bull...
How to succeed in L4D2.
by [Ebola] ℐℎℯ †Pancakes†
This is how to ultimately succeed in "L4D2."...
How to Kill the Tank with a Bile Bomb
by Nailgun♂Jesus
This guide shows you how to kill the Tank with a bile bomb....
Create Custom Gunfire Sound Mod(English/繁中/日本語/簡中)
by Richard
en-US: In this tutorial, I'll teach you to customize your dedicated gunfire sound mod for Left 4 Dead series games. Except English text, other languages text was generated by Google Translator, please understand if you find some grammar errors. zh-TW: ...
how 2 kill zambies
by ZeRocky
If u duan't know haw to kill zambies this wull help u 1step:press click 2:kill zambie 3:u kill ---------------------------------------------------------------------Gj----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Secret weapons in l4d2 and how to get them VERY easily
by [Y.T] Matt
How to get the secret weapons in l4d2. Please know that this requires the admin system mode found here
How to view Console
by Tuoze
Some of people have the right kind of keyboard to use console right away, just go to Options->Keyboard/Mouse and Enable developer console. Others: Launch L4D2 and go to settings->enable developer console. Go back to Steam interface and right click ...