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Play like a bro, not like a shmoe.
by Deci-kins
Get you some proper Left 4 Dead 2 etiquette learnin'....
Как включить английскую озвучку
by JamesRedmond™
Многим хотелось сыграть с оригинально озвучкой, но так как же её включить?...
Dummies Guide to versus Lobby Leader
by Alex "Oh my glob!" doh
A short but simple guide to hosting a left 4 dead 2 lobby. Including commands and prompts....
How clear history of nicknames in a steam profile.
by Defalt
This guide was translated into English (you watch at the end the link to the original in Russian) and published - in it you learn as to clear history of nicknames in a steam profile. For good translation into original English the coauthor is looked for...
How to Shoot - Left 4 Dead 2 (For Mouse Users)
by Spectre
This simple guide should succesfully educate younglings and newbies to shoot their fabulous guns....
Left 4 Dead 2 Survivor Ragdolls
by Xaflu
This guide will show you how to have survivor ragdolls in your game once again. This doesn't work online (but you can still play with your friends, and they don't have to download anything to make it work) and makes the defib useless (also obviously). ...
советы по игре за зараженных
просто несколько советов...
How to play Splitscreen with 2 xbox 360 controllers
by kesuga7
So i try to make guide to make it as easy as possible to get splitscreen working with 2 xbox 360 controllers because i was kind of confused how to even do it myself #1
Быстрый способ сделать Спрей с прозрачностью и качественно!
Спрей для L4D/TF/CS за 3 минуты с высочайшим качеством! Доселе не видано в интернетах! Спешите видеть!...
Left 4 Dead 2
by Mike24Red
Olá Para falar sobre este jogo que foi desenhado pela valve tenho de dizer que está fantastico. A nivel de graficos nota 5 e a nivel de campanha nota 5. O multiplayer está fantastico e o jogo em si sempre foi assim !!! Recomendo este jogo a t...