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Suppressed SMG VS SMG
by FivE
Here I will give the stats and my personal opinion on the two SMGs....
Chrome Shotgun VS Pump Shotgun
by FivE
Here I will note the differences between the chrome and pump shotguns....
How To Troll
by Envy
Are you bored and want to mess around? Ha, I feel you. Welcome to my guide based on teaching you how to troll. I'll have you know, doing anything within this guide can result with you getting vote kicked and possibly banned from the community. This is at ...
How to be mlg in l4d2
by homeboy4306
U WOT 2 be a mlg in l4d2. follow dis guide u scrubs 1. teamates r useless leave them behind there gonna drag u down anyways m8 2. always get da sniper rifle so u can quickscope and 360 headshot zombies 3. if your in a server and u get kick their scrubz...
How to lead your lobby (for idiots)
by uskro
How to be a lobby leader in 2 easy chapters....
All Infected in L4D2
by Eddie Spaghetti
This guide isn't really that special. You probably already know about the common infected, but today I'll be teaching you about the uncommon and special infected....
How to succeed in L4D2.
by [Ebola] ℐℎℯ †Pancakes†
This is how to ultimately succeed in "L4D2."...
Secret weapons in l4d2 and how to get them VERY easily
by [Y.T] Matt
How to get the secret weapons in l4d2. Please know that this requires the admin system mode found here
how 2 kill zambies
by ZeRocky
If u duan't know haw to kill zambies this wull help u 1step:press click 2:kill zambie 3:u kill ---------------------------------------------------------------------Gj----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Stable LAN connection coop game via OpenVPN
by Thiesius
This guide should work only if you have public IP. If you haven't got public IP, you can stop reading. Otherwise this guide describes how to setup OpenVPN and Left 4 Dead for playing over internet as a LAN game....