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Como activar y utilizar ADMIN SYSTEM (utilizar comandos en el juego)
by BgB - Bill ® "Chile" 2.0
Hola a todos nuevamente con una guía para Left4Dead 2 esta vez para explicar brevemente el uso del ADMIN SYSTEM el cual nos sirve para utilizar comandos en el juego, si bien la consola nos permite introducir comandos el VAC de Steam los bloquea, para eso...
How To get money with l4d2
by GFG Kawaii Kyzira ㋛
Step 1: Buy Left 4 Dead 2 Step 2: ??? Step 3: F*ck B*tches Step 4: Get Money Step 5: Make Profit Step 6(optional): Be Kawaii Step X(optional): If your dick got stuck, use Norton Antivirus (Avira Antivirus for the poor ones) ...
How To Jump!
by ☢☣ Buttery Vengeance ☣☢
the best guide on how to jump in the game of Left 4 Dead 2!...
режим мутаций(rus)
by miha55
Режим мутации представляют собой различные модификации существующих режимов. ...
safe room destruction
by Gabe Newell
ok your playing as tank u incapped 3 of the survivors 1 made into the saferoom taunting you. what do you?. U BREAKING THE FUCKING SAFEROOM DOWN....
Versus Tips for New Players
by Black Jesus
Tips for new and experienced players alike. Versus is an intresting gamemode enjoyed by many. If you want to improve your skills, look no further....
How To Beat Me
by Black Jesus
Want to know how to beat Black Jesus?...
Guia Para Principiantes Left 4 Dead 2
by Origins
Hola a todos, esta es mi primer Guia, espero que les sea de ayuda y puedan disfrutar el juego al Maximo :D Bueno comenzemos: Primero de todo hablaremos de algo importante: Las Armas, hay dos clases: las primarias y las secundarias. Armas Prim...
☣ Versus tips ☣
by ☣Kaernk☣
This guide is meant for those new to "versus" in left 4 dead 2. I will bring up common mistakes people make and why you shouldn't do like that way....
[Versus] Nifty Tip: The Hunter Roll
by Indah™
A nifty tip for when you have to play the Hunter in Versus Mode....
How to rek the community beyond rekognition
by change your name faggot.
In this guide, you'll learn how to ruin the community and slowly drive people away from a game. Just follow this guide and you'll be an annoying asshole who gets insta kicked from all games in no time!...
Необходимые аддоны для прохождения.
by LobioL
Не хотите разочаровываться в игре? Скачайте аддоны и будьте счастливы ;]...
Cr0wn2Own: Efficient Witch Removal in Versus Mode
by J.Gunner[SG]
An easy to follow guide to removing witches quickly and efficiently with minimal commitment of team resources....
All Infected in L4D2
by Mustachio
This guide isn't really that special. You probably already know about the common infected, but today I'll be teaching you about the uncommon and special infected....
L4D2 Zombies/Infected
by Shkolnik-BOG
В этом руководстве вы найдёте много интересной информации о видах зомби....
(L4D2) Infection Guide: Insane respawns
by Spice strange.gc
Video Guide: 1. Every wall is a spot. 2. Can respawn away from the survivors vision. 3. In ALL maps, exists "special spots" to respawn. If you think which your skills are good, visit us 10vs10 VS! Server#1 Server#2 ...
How to pause as the host/mod
by G.
How to pause as the host (or given host privileges) in a game, and only YOU can pause/unpause. Be it to take a break or discuss tactics, being a host has its advantages ;)...
How solve the freezing issue
by snakejishi
All you need to know about solving the freezing issue...
How to summon BAD GUY NICK
by harry louis
this is a short NO NONSENSE guide how to actually summon this nasty motherfukker BAD GUY NICK to appear ingame...
Left 4 dead 2 (Français) Fr.Sacrifice.
by [Fr] Sacrifice
Dernière mise à jour : 2015 04 25 Midnight Riders The Ride... Bonjour et bienvenue sur ce guide qui a pour but de vous guider au travers du jeu Left 4 dreads 2... Vous y trouverez tout pour débuter le jeu avec mon expérience en plus... Les 70 succè...
hao 4 surviev
by xxEmoDarkSwag
it's pretty good....
Types of Players
Welcome to the L4D2 community. Your doom awaits....
by Cont120616
The Special Infected
by JUL3R1S
In this guide, we will go over all the types of Special Infected in the game....
재밌는 레프트 4 데드
by 씨덕
Left 4 Dead play is really fun right now Let's go! We know from three years, enjoyed had stories I wrote. Please press or ratings of ... 평가하기 버튼한번 눌러줘요... Image guide the original sources :
How not to rip the skin by pulling too hard
by Based Assad
Console commands and .cfg files, a basic guide
by Zeebotze
The goal of this guide is to help you understanding the functionality and importance of the ingame console and .cfg files. ...
How to be sweg in l4d2
by Sadistya
Памятка Выжившего: Выбор оружия
by Aelayar
Данная Памятка содержит в себе краткую информацию об оружии и базовые принципы выбора оных. Вариант этот не окончательный и впоследствии м...
Chapter 4: Just the tip
by Polly
Chapter 4 consists of a mindset as much as a set of golden rules on how to play the game. These are carefully developed and refined through thousands of hours of gameplay between a chosen few L4D ambassadors™. Do yourself a favour and take our advice. ...
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