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How to Troll in L4D2
by ᴰᴿᴬᴳᴼᴺ
Are you one of the most childish faces on the planet? Do you seek nothing but to feast off of the anger of other enraged players? Is your only game to play Left 4 Dead 2? This guide will teach you how to master the dark arts of trolling when it comes to T...
♠ — How to... SASHIMI A TANK! — ♠
by BBQ Bästard
Killin' Tanks... WITH FLAIR!...
How to install Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Campaigns. [TUTORIAL]
by blad3NnN
Hello guys here is a tutorial/guide how to install Left 4 Dead Custom Campaigns watch carefully the video what must to do. If you have any questions comment me to help you. Link for maps: T...
Why you should wait for other players to load
by Suby WRX STi
EDIT: Changed the title of the guide Have you encountered those players who won't wait for you to load? This guide is targeted towards those people. Alright, to all the people who load fast, PLEASE READ THIS GUIDE. Leaving the saferoom while ...
L4D2 Tricks from a BOSS!(Survivors Style!)
by | ∞ | SnowConditions
All the tips and tricks from a BOSS!...
When you should really use first aid kits
by Kai60™
Hello! This is my first guide and I'm (not that) really good at L4D2, but anyway. In this guide I'll tell you when you should and should not use a first aid kit. Soo yea, here it is....
Left 4 Dead 2
by Mike24Red
Olá Para falar sobre este jogo que foi desenhado pela valve tenho de dizer que está fantastico. A nivel de graficos nota 5 e a nivel de campanha nota 5. O multiplayer está fantastico e o jogo em si sempre foi assim !!! Recomendo este jogo a t...
CaptainSwagMasterGamer9000s Guide To the L4D2 Zombies
by Dr.RainbowSwag
This is A Guide To Know About All the L4D2 Zombies In The Game...
Left 4 Dead 2 Survivor Ragdolls
by Xaflu
This guide will show you how to have survivor ragdolls in your game once again. This doesn't work online (but you can still play with your friends, and they don't have to download anything to make it work) and makes the defib useless (also obviously). ...
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