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Good "Survival" Technique for Left 4 Dead 2: Dark Carnival: Hotel
by decco6226
My friends and I figured out a really good technique for the Hotel mission in Dark Carnival Survival. It was really fun and intense, so I wrote this guide so you can try it with your friends - or by yourself if you want to....
Checklist of Things to do on Left 4 Dead 2
by Ghost
A list of things to do while playing Left 4 Dead 2 if you get bored....
How to not be a scumbag
by Ramirez™
Scum bag - A low-life human being who is as worthless as a used rubber. This guide is to teach all the scumbags how to stop breathing, living, or how to stop being a scumbag. Honorable scum mentions: Red:
How to Play Versus with Offline AI
by Major-General xCowY
The Left 4 Dead console allow you to play versus on your own. Here is how....
The Achievement Farm - Left 4 Dead 2
by Gar1onriva
Into this guide I will add episodes of The Achievement Farm (a Youtube tutorial series) that cover L4D2 achievements. If there is another L4D2 achievement that you wish to see covered, please comment on the video....
Left 4 Dead Tips For New Players
by Lethe
This is a guide on how to approach becoming an expert at the Left 4 Dead series over time - going over single-player and versus game modes, so you too can write '2ez' at the end of every run....
Secret weapons in l4d2 and how to get them VERY easily
by JaguarGames(Cant hear mic)
How to get the secret weapons in l4d2. Please know that this requires the admin system mode found here
How To Move.
by sniper
Cheats :3
by Ayumi Shinozaki
Are you tired of just playing the same campaigns and feel like you want to be in control? Well THAN YOU CAN! With this guide :3. I will halp you with cheat codes like for weapons,mapz,different ways to fly without noclip,spawn stuff and infected :3! Ther...
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