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Поджигать танка или нет?
by Anton
Тут мы рассмотрим поджигать или не поджигать танка....
How To Be A Good Team Player.
by ۞ [デイズ] Azami_HD
How to be a Good Teamate and not a Burden (Also Includes a Guide!)...
Как прыгать?!
by ROAD TO 2500 MMR
Нажимаем пробел.(находится под буквами c,v,b,n,m) И т-т-тадам-м-м, вы прыгнули, хорошая работа парни!...
How to be the average Left 4 Dead 2 player
This guide will teach you on how to be the average left 4 dead 2 player...
Survial Tips
by Lucky the Riolu
As the title would suggest, these are MY tips on how to do survival with friends, RIGHT. There are many other methods, but these are the ones I like to use with buds. So lock'n'load because we're gonna be shootin' zombies and drinkin' beer! :D...
Left 4 Dead 2 Console Commands
by Matulaak
A list of all the console commands for Left 4 Dead 2 and how to use them....
Most Epic Awesome Guide To Avoid Zombies + Special Infected
by Nutty²
Alright this will be tricky FIRST If you see a zombie or a special infected, find a door and close it....
How To Predict/Determine Which Special Infected Will/Has Spawned (bacteria folder♪ & other methods)
by Shaa-Li
There is music played when a special infected is about to spawn or has been spawned. With knowledge of this you can determine/predict what special infected there is or will be. Other methods of spawn predicting also mentioned: Spawn queue & Full ca...
Killing a witch like a boss (no shotguns, snipers, or fire)
by Roflmahwafflz
Learn how to properly kill a witch with a grenade launcher-melee-bump combo -not recommended for difficulties advanced or expert- Straight up and easy to do and a useful skill for beginners or experts or even people who just want to play VS -this guide...
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