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亲手打造您的“动态喷漆” (Create Your Animated SPRAY)
by 中山草泥羊
动态喷漆制作教程,不要用来搞工口等等亮瞎狗眼的图哟(╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I tried to make a English version for it, please forgive my bad grammar... Thank you all ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ...
Como activar y utilizar ADMIN SYSTEM (utilizar comandos en el juego)
by BgB - Bill ® "Chile" 2.0
Hola a todos nuevamente con una guía para Left4Dead 2 esta vez para explicar brevemente el uso del ADMIN SYSTEM el cual nos sirve para utilizar comandos en el juego, si bien la consola nos permite introducir comandos el VAC de Steam los bloquea, para eso...
How to Series: #2 - No Mercy Shortcut
by flonterfiveO
Q: No Mercy shortcut? The one on the 1st chapter? MEH! ALREADY KNOW THAT! A: Dumbass island shithole... Yeayeayea, whatever. Just telling you that this here has an extra, really valuable something. You will need: 1. A friend. A really trustable frien...
How To get money with l4d2
by Kawaii Kyzira ㋛
Step 1: Buy Left 4 Dead 2 Step 2: ??? Step 3: F*ck B*tches Step 4: Get Money Step 5: Make Profit Step 6(optional): Be Kawaii Step X(optional): If your dick got stuck, use Norton Antivirus (Avira Antivirus for the poor ones) ...
How To Jump!
by ☢☣ Buttery Vengeance ☣☢
the best guide on how to jump in the game of Left 4 Dead 2!...
L4D2: Tips Everyone Should Know
by K.U.G
This is mostly for beginners and slightly seasoned with salt and pepper players. If you've been seasoned with paprika, or any of the advanced spices, then this guide is probably not for you. Also, I couldn't really think of a picture, so this one is to yo...
How to make Custom Menu Icons for Left 4 Dead 2
by Gueess who maade WAAAFFLEESS! X3
This guide was created to help anyone who wanted to learn how to make Custom L4D2 Menu Icons....
режим мутаций(rus)
by miha55
Режим мутации представляют собой различные модификации существующих режимов. ...
How to find glitching spots/How to correctly do them
by §§Bills Cat
I will teach you how to find glitching spots, and how to do them perfectly....
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