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How to summon BAD GUY NICK
by bad guy nick
this is a short NO NONSENSE guide how to actually summon this nasty motherfukker BAD GUY NICK to appear ingame...
how to get fucked up by a zombie
by foxy the pirate fox [ITA]
Q: how do i start a campaing ? A: follow the guide okay mate's ^^ lets go! i made this guide for teach yhe how to be fucked up by a zombie in horrible way's + get puked/chrged/raped/spitted/licked/witched/jokeyd/tanked from every zombie in the map ...
How the be the best and most favorited player :)
by Zacky V
If you're reading this, I'd like to take the time to tell you that you deserve a cookie, but alas, I'm too damn lazy. This is a guide to show you how to be the best player on the server along with getting people to like you more than the others. First ...
Advantages and disadvantages with bots
by Shadow
When someone leaves a server on expert, you believe you're doomed because you're teaming up with a bot. That is sometimes the case and sometimes not the case. This guide will show you that bots arent all that bad. Of course, they do have many weaknesses....
How to be a good player
by Gordon Freeman
This is a small/big guide of how to not be bad....
L4D2 Guide [Walkthroughs Played on Normal] WIP
by KuBe Assassin Doge
This is my guide for L4D2 for all kinds of players....
[Tutorial] Alle Errungenschaften in "Dunkler Karneval"
by ęvїℓcση∂ųcτ
Anmerkung: Dies ist eine auf deutsch übersetzte Version von diesem Guide. Dieser Guide zeigt dir, wie man alle Errungenschaften in der Kampagne "Dunkler Karneval" bekommt....
The ULTIMATE Guide to Easter Eggs, Secrets and More in Left 4 Dead 2!!!
by Paranoid Android
This Guide is unfinished. I Created it around July 2013 and still have not finished, so why not just post it and see if I can ever get it done. Running around, trying to survive, you might have noticed something placed intentionally by Valve that paro...
The Bridge in 3 minutes
by Doombringer175
The simplest way to get the achivement for the bridge....
Doing a Pacifist Run on Cold Stream
by Sicarius Cuculla
Hello there. I see you've found my guide for no reason other than you're probably bored. I just recently did a pacifist run of Cold Stream, where I played Last Man On Earth without killing, nor harming any infected, all the way through. I made this guide ...
[Tutorial] Alle Errungenschaften in "Die Brücke"
by ęvїℓcση∂ųcτ
Anmerkung: Dies ist eine auf deutsch übersetzte Version von dieser Guide. Dieser Guide zeigt dir, wie man alle Errungenschaften in der Kampagne "Die Brücke" bekommt. ...
How to Grief on Advanced/Expert online campaigns
by The_Manbat™
This simple guide will tell you how to effectively grief on online campaigns on either advanced or expert difficulties...
How to get Vote Kicked from a 10v10 Server
by Mr. Bonnie
This is a pro guide that will help you how to get kicked from a 10v10 server!...
Recording L4D2 Gameplay
by a_bo0n
In this guide, I will cover how to record L4D2 Gameplay(Actually any gameplay ^^) in 1080p/720p with acceptable file sizes....
How to easily get kicked from any game
by Arrite
This is a simple guide that tells you why I do not play versus mode with other people....
3 Easy Tricks on 'Dark Carnival'
by OverlordAkise
3 Easy Tricks that will make your Run through the Mission "Dark Carnival" easier than before....
How To Enable Developer Console
by diresnow
This Is My First Guide So I Dont No How to Use Steam Guide Maker Very Well Lets Get Started There Are 2 Ways To Enable Console Both Very Easy Right Click Your Game Preferrably Left 4 Dead 2 Or Left 4 Dead 1 Go To Property's Select General And Click ...
How to kill tank
by Rainbow MENstruation
If you're having trouble at killing a tank then I'm your man to help with this problemo...
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