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Things You (maybe) Never Knew of in L4D2 [VIDEO GUIDE]
by Dom
This is a VIDEO guide to tips, tricks, glitches and eastereggs. Observations, strategies and secrets explained on every map in every campaign in L4D2. Things you never knew....
Quick Violence and Gore Setting Comparison [VIDEO GUIDE]
by Dom
A VIDEO guide to the 3 violence and gore settings within L4D2. How they look, the performance benefits to changing the setting, the hidden 3rd setting etc....
How to Live
by Lord Frieza
Ever wanted to survive in Left 4 Dead 2? Then this is for you, It teaches you all the things you need!...
Deathcraft easter eggs
by RobertRilhinis Cupcake
Now i will help you to do the deathcraft secret easter egg to get the "encahnced sword" and fight agaisnt the ender dragon so lets go!...
How to Cycle Spawns-101
Spawn Cycling: -1st SI to die, IS in next hit. -4th SI to die, is NOT in next hit. -It is recommended Support Class (Boomer/Spitter)die last in order for next hit setup to not be a 2 and 2. (Smoker, Jockey, Boomer, Spitter) -If you have both a Boo...
How to be a BOSS on Left 4 Dead 2 in 5 simple steps!
by SNiPEzz
I made this guide for you guys who want to be a freaking boss on Left 4 Dead 2. Here are my personal hints for gaming on servers in Left 4 Dead 2.... (1) - If you are on an online server, be sure to always know/act like you know what yo...
by •GiPiTo•
This Guide will show you how to Get the Achievement BRIDGE OVER TREBLED SLAUGHTER. The finale on the Parish level has a bridge that you have to cross to get to the escape vehicle. It is much like a gauntlet. In order to get this achievement, you just have...
how 2 kil zombiz gud
by Good Saint Nick™
!DISCLAIMER!: This guide is a joke. Do not take it seriously....
How to play versus by yourself with Infected and Survivor Bots
by white
Given the number of times people request this information, I thought maybe I'd make a single thread with all the information you need and see if maybe we can have it made into a Sticky, just to avoid some of the clutter. There are several ways you can ...
How to deal with people who rush
by PaperGoat
*DISCLAIMER*This guide is a joke.Hate comments accepted. This is how to deal with people who rush through the map in versus. 1.Press esc. 2.Press exit to main menu. 3.Find a new game. 4.Done.Profit 5.Thank you....
H0 2 kul WEECh
by Mr Sock Puppet
Dis gide wil shu u h0 2 kul teh little anoying cry baby....
How to break Left 4 Dead 2 On Laptop/PC
by Maya Fey
The Supertastic Super 8 - Dealing With Unwanted Guests
by Ec c h i ✯
This guide is made to show you how to deal with all 8 infected, Hunter, Jockey, Charger, Spitter, Smoker, Boomer, Tank and Witch! Especially for those players who just started Left 4 Dead 2 and doesn't know much about these infecteds. I will discuss how t...
Ecko's Expert Compilation Guide
by Ecko
The comphrensive guide to all and everything Left 4 Dead related....
how 2 b sweg mester in l4d2
by Mighty's Lv. 100 Greninja
oki dook i show how b sweg mester in l4d2 you little skrubz. Stuep 1: Pley on exeepurt cuz sweg Steup 2: Shut yur toom m8's cuz they has no swagilicious sweg Steup 3: Hald Up duh intireee gaem to talk aboot yuer swegulios sweg Steup 4: Call ev...
How To: LD42 VS.
by Pocket Medi
This is a guide on how to survive and have fun in L4D2 VS. mode :D...
Bullshit from the ass
by Homysforlife
Hier lernen noobs wie man einfach mindestens 5 min. in L4D2 überlebt!...
An indepth guide for handling special infected
by Jaguar games
Special techniques for handling special infected alone....
how 2 kill zambies
by ZeRocky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
If u duan't know haw to kill zambies this wull help u 1step:press click 2:kill zambie 3:u kill ---------------------------------------------------------------------Gj----------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
How to make L4D2 "realistic" with minimal mods
by JuicyFruitDragon
This shows you how to make L4D2 as realistic as possible using your Developer console....
[RUS||ENG] Увеличиваем FPS // Increasing FPS
by `im.viske
How To Rape A N00B
by Olderika
I want you guys to rape this noob 4 me k ...
versas tipz
by Jerry
lern how too pay versas...
by VaDimka12353_Shade
Guide for Steam Server Browser
by Tя!cky ツ
Steam does have a Universal built-in Server Browser. What I like the most is it works for all Steam Enabled Servers. Example L4D2 that doesn't have a Browser i'll show you in this Guide the benefits of using Steam's Browser with L4D2. ...
How to heel
by Moist Face
everything is bellow kiddoes...
How To Create Custom Sprays
by Mrthespyman
For Those Who Want Custom Sprays Look No Further....
Interesting Mod Packs
by Kiyoji Sasaki
Searching for a new taste or feel that will invigorate your Left 4 Dead 2 experience? Halt your seeking and take a gander at these fine mods that will bring together a practically new game!...
Jak na achievementy
by Ondra
Několik tipů, jak co nejsnadněji získat jednotlivé achievementy....
Noobs Guide to Workshop Content
by Tя!cky ツ
In this guide I'll cover the Essentials of the Workshop along with Tips....
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