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Enemies: Tank
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Saber usar los botiquines
by kevinNED7
::ENGLISH:: There is only 2 ways to use it properly : 1. - The computer is only one all you should help . 1.1 . Survival : Good team - Logically support one you used when your screen turns gray. 1.2 . versus : Good team - Logically used when you a...
All Infected in L4D2
by Eddie Spaghetti
This guide isn't really that special. You probably already know about the common infected, but today I'll be teaching you about the uncommon and special infected....
L4D2 Zombies/Infected
by JolyBell
В этом руководстве вы найдёте много интересной информации о видах зомби....
How to Ditch Your Team
by Vengeance🔥❤
Sick of your team being slow as a snail? You want to get to the safe house without being held back? Then.. This guide is special for you, I'm going to teach you how to ditch your team....
tips and tricks
by toon_link2
in this guide you will learn alot of useful stuff like how to stun witches,deal with tanks,stop charges & more...
(L4D2) Infection Guide: Insane respawns
by W roots.gc
Video Guide: 1. Every wall is a spot. 2. Can respawn away from the survivors vision. 3. In ALL maps, exists "special spots" to respawn. If you think which your skills are good, visit us 10vs10 VS! Server#1 Server#2 ...
How to pause as the host/mod
by G.
How to pause as the host (or given host privileges) in a game, and only YOU can pause/unpause. Be it to take a break or discuss tactics, being a host has its advantages ;)...
Beginner Tips for L4D2
by OverlordAkise
A Small Beginner guide for L4D2 with easy to learn tricks and tips for easier Gameplay. (No Vids)...
How to summon BAD GUY NICK
by diuk van schlachtenwald
this is a short NO NONSENSE guide how to actually summon this nasty motherfukker BAD GUY NICK to appear ingame...
how to get fucked up by a zombie
by foxy the pirate fox [ITA]
Q: how do i start a campaing ? A: follow the guide okay mate's ^^ lets go! i made this guide for teach yhe how to be fucked up by a zombie in horrible way's + get puked/chrged/raped/spitted/licked/witched/jokeyd/tanked from every zombie in the map ...
Left 4 dead 2 (Français) Fr.Sacrifice.
by [Fr] Sacrifice
Dernière mise à jour : 2015 04 25 Midnight Riders The Ride... Bonjour et bienvenue sur ce guide qui a pour but de vous guider au travers du jeu Left 4 dreads 2... Vous y trouverez tout pour débuter le jeu avec mon expérience en plus... Les 70 succè...
How to be a good player
by Gordon Freeman
This is a small/big guide of how to not be bad....
Guide to being infected in Versus-A guide pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of each role
by BortyTheBort
This is a little guide showing how to use each Infected in Versus and Scavenge effectively,and how each zombie should be played...
L4D2 Guide [Walkthroughs Played on Normal] WIP
by [GL] Assassin Doge
This is my guide for L4D2 for all kinds of players....
Как 100% выиграть в режиме "Таааанк!".
by [RU]Tarakan3000
В данном руководстве я расскажу как легко победить в мутации "Таааанк!"....
by R.I.P in Peace
by Cont120616
Comment devenir Modder sur L4D2 - FR
by Fouka
Ce Guide va vous permettre de devenir "Modder" sur Left 4 Dead 2 ! Si vous avez aimé, n'hésiter pas à évaluer le guide ;) Ce Guide sera comme un tutorial, il y aura plusieurs étapes pour réaliser ce guide. Je suis un des seuls Modders Fran...
The Special Infected
by Arch-Templar
In this guide, we will go over all the types of Special Infected in the game....
재밌는 레프트 4 데드
by 씨덕
Left 4 Dead play is really fun right now Let's go! We know from three years, enjoyed had stories I wrote. Please press or ratings of ... 평가하기 버튼한번 눌러줘요... Image guide the original sources :
Want Quick-Tips Newcomers?
by krootonitron
Console commands and .cfg files, a basic guide
by Zeebotze
The goal of this guide is to help you understanding the functionality and importance of the ingame console and .cfg files. ...
Como jugar como Infectado Especial [TRUCOS TIPS VAL]
Noobs Siempre piensan que son jugadores decentes ............ y casi nunca lo son o por desgracia no lo son! Estos son algunos consejos para no ser NOOB en cuanto a jugabilidad como Infectado especial (smoker boomer, jockey, spitter,charger,hunter,tank y...
Chapter 4: Just the tip
by Polly
Chapter 4 consists of a mindset as much as a set of golden rules on how to play the game. These are carefully developed and refined through thousands of hours of gameplay between a chosen few L4D ambassadors™. Do yourself a favour and take our advice. ...
Руководство о сервере: "RPG-NightWolf"
by Eluveitie
!!! ПРИВЕТСТВУЕМ ВАС !!! Наше руководство о том, как правильно играть и прокачиваться на сервере RPG-Nightwolf в игре Left 4 Dead 2. Вступайте в группу!...
How to kill zombies like comrade Kamenev
by ☦ Artheдain ☦
How to kill zombies like comrade Kamenev. In this guide I will show you how to kill da zombies with Russian precision....
How To Counter All Infected
by Corporal Ruby Jensen
I am here to tell you how to counter all infected effectively so you can play like an mlg player and score 360noscopeheadshots everytime :)...
Памятка Выжившего: Инструкция к применению
by Aelayar
Сия памятка есть сборник основных советов по игре в Left 4 Dead 1&2. Она представляет собой набор односложных правил/советов/максим общеигрового ...
Tricks for infected (100 good!!!)
by IRAGEQUIT | Smack
Watch the video and you can learn something from here. This guy will tell you how to do epic tricks! enjoy!...
Tips for Beginners
by Mel
This is a Guide for the Beginners in the Realm of L4D-L4D2. - Today we can teach you how to Do some tricks that will make your life easier, And how to Get on your road to Expert. - (Rude/Uncanny Comments will be Removed!) (If you have nothing posi...
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