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How to show your loss&choke WITHOUT colorful graph in game.怎样在游戏中查看loss和choke而不看见彩色图表,
by Sakey
Fifst,you need your game console opened(Options->Keyboard/Mouse->Allow developer console->Enabled) 首先,你需要打开的你的开发者控制台(设置选项->键鼠控制->允许开发者控制台->开启) Second,press "~" and type some instr...
L4D2 Basics, Founder of the .xProfessionals (◦xP)
by Տէսռէ◦xP
My clan and I started an "Adopt-A-Newbie" program a couple years ago. I took nearly a year hiatus from playing but would love to train some new players. This will serve as the basics though, if you choose to figure it out yourself. If you concern your pla...
Collection of addons + Graphic Mods
Administration unreasonably deletes the products from the workshop Steam,although the agreement is not violated ,in connection with the closing of of products I decided to create my manual and add products to it . Who was signed on my products can be dow...
How to win multiplayer games in left for dead
by Neon-Gold
Simple and efficient tips on winning a left for dead 2 game...
Things You (maybe) Never Knew of in L4D2 [VIDEO GUIDE]
by Dom
This is a VIDEO guide to tips, tricks, glitches and eastereggs. Observations, strategies and secrets explained on every map in every campaign in L4D2. Things you never knew....
Quick Violence and Gore Setting Comparison [VIDEO GUIDE]
by Dom
A VIDEO guide to the 3 violence and gore settings within L4D2. How they look, the performance benefits to changing the setting, the hidden 3rd setting etc....
L4D2: How to change your survivor
by ♥Spy★ ق
You want to change your survivor? But don't know how? Here is the answer....
How to Live
by Lord Frieza
Ever wanted to survive in Left 4 Dead 2? Then this is for you, It teaches you all the things you need!...
Optimizing your interp/rate settings
by Doxality
Just a very brief guide on how to set your rates and set your interp....
Deathcraft easter eggs
by RobertRilhinis Cupcake
Now i will help you to do the deathcraft secret easter egg to get the "encahnced sword" and fight agaisnt the ender dragon so lets go!...
Survival Guide and Gameplay L4D 1 and 2.
by =BB= PancakePolice
This serves to both left 4 dead 1 to left 4 dead 2....
Dead and Alive - Basics of Left 4 Dead 2
by =BB= PancakePolice
Description of behavior in the game L4D2 both during multiplayer games as well as yourself....
How to Cycle Spawns-101
Spawn Cycling: -1st SI to die, IS in next hit. -4th SI to die, is NOT in next hit. -It is recommended Support Class (Boomer/Spitter)die last in order for next hit setup to not be a 2 and 2. (Smoker, Jockey, Boomer, Spitter) -If you have both a Boo...
Guia de Supervivencia y Desarrollo del juego L4D 1 y 2.
Esto sirve tanto para left 4 dead 1, como para left 4 dead 2....
How to significantly increase FPS in L4D2.
by Funtcace
If you're struggling with FPS issues, this guide is for you....
Grabar partida desde la consola L4D2
by Cקгλ ▽ λlєҳ
How To: Be Truely Terrible
by Toad
This is the official guide to show how to be really bad at Left 4 Dead 2. It's funny where you think you're bad, but have you seen worse? (If you're really bored, read this crap.)...
by •GiPiTo•
This Guide will show you how to Get the Achievement BRIDGE OVER TREBLED SLAUGHTER. The finale on the Parish level has a bridge that you have to cross to get to the escape vehicle. It is much like a gauntlet. In order to get this achievement, you just have...
guia graciosa "capitulo 1"
by |Ŧฝ™♠| `Kenjy´
En esta guia aparte de graciosa podras ver como va transcurriendo la historia de left 4 dead 2 junto con <fw> Housi el principal del video y su compañero <fw> kenjy. Espero que os guste!...
How to play versus by yourself with Infected and Survivor Bots
by white
Given the number of times people request this information, I thought maybe I'd make a single thread with all the information you need and see if maybe we can have it made into a Sticky, just to avoid some of the clutter. There are several ways you can ...
How to break Left 4 Dead 2 On Laptop/PC
by Maya Fey
You Might Be A Bad Teammate If...(Survivors)
by The Beast Incarnate
Exposing bad player habits in the versus community and providing instruction for how to correct these mistakes....
3rd Person View on L4D2
by Blargien1
3rd Person view in L4D2...
Prohibited items on Workshop
In connection with locking items on Workshop I decided create a manual on uploading mods from the Internet by adding references Installation - move file to the D:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\addons...
How to wall climb as hunter
by Sanjin [TheWalkingDead]
Many players have been asking: -How can I 'fly' with hunter?- I will explain how to vertical climb with hunter. 1. You need to back up against the wall (holding 'S' or whatever is your 'back' key) 2. Look up at angle of 85°-75° 3. Jump(not normal ju...
Как сделать спрей с разрешением 512х512 (How to create spray with a resolution 512x512.)
by pvpub master
Краткое руководство по созданию спреев разрешением 512x512...
Ecko's Expert Compilation Guide
by Ecko
The comphrensive guide to all and everything Left 4 Dead related....
Martwi i Żywi - Podstawy Left 4 Dead 2
by Maul PL
Opis zachowań w grze L4D2 zarówno podczas gry multiplayer jak i samemu....
Beginner's Guide to L4D2
by abedsbrother
These are some basic principles that I hope will help new players survive a multiplayer campaign. For the most part, this is stuff that you learn by playing with others, not playing with the computer bots....
Sweet Sixteen - 16 Top Tips for Versus
by ♕ Country-Steak: Sauce
I've attempted to cover a worthwhile bunch of tricks and tactics that novices and above ought to know and keep in mind when playing Versus. Some of the topics are also applicable to Campaign mode....
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