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Console commands and .cfg files, a basic guide
by Zeebotze
The goal of this guide is to help you understanding the functionality and importance of the ingame console and .cfg files. ...
Left 4 dead 2 console cheats and binding for severs and
by ★ Prosecutor Noble leo
in this guide I wll show you how to spawn more bots and bind commands in the command console in left 4 dead 2....
Générateur de succées L4D2 POUR LES NULS
by ADDk_
Salut à tous ! Aujourd'hui , je vais vous présentez , un générateur de succées pour Left 4 Dead 1 et 2 , et même tout les jeux que vous possédez contenant des succées . C'est mon 2ème "Left 4 Dead 2 POUR LES NULS " Donc soyez indulgent . Et bien ...
720 NO SCOPE guide for fags
by Pavern of Cain
very elite m8...
Mexican Assault System (MAS)
by Jules
This guide will teach you how to build your own MAS, or Mexican Assault System. This is a highly effective and non-violent technique designed to punish your crappy teammates. MAS obviates the need to shoot at teammates or otherwise directly harm them. ...
High-Quality Screenshots 101
by Jules
Making a fancy new mod or map? Need some pictures to showcase your upload in the Workshop? Look no further......
TUTO Hammer Authoring Tools L4D2 en FRANCAIS
by DarkJim [FR]
Bonjour à tous, J'ai tous simplement repris le tuto sur Hammer que VALVe ont publier pour apprendre à ce servir de l'editeur pour Left 4 Dead 2, et j'ai fait une traduction en français. Je me suis dit que sa serai simpas si il pouvait y avoir pl...
How to mute someone in-game!
by Danny
Someone bugging the hell out of you? Can't get rid of them? Here's how to get back some piece and quiet!...
How to be a cat (this is a confirmed glitch)
by Shadow the trader (offers!)
Step 1: Say hi Repeat steps 1 and 1 to be a cat Meow ...
Como activar y utilizar CONSOLA & COMANDOS VOCALES (VOCALIZER) en Left4Dead
by BgB - Bill ® "Chile"
Hola amigos les dejo esta guía para que aprendan a activar la consola en Left4Dead que nos permitirá instalar los comandos vocales que utilizan algunas personas en el juego como gritos, insultos, nombrar a infectados especiales y otros, si bien el jueg...
Editing VPK's
by ☤ Dok̨tor haus̨
So, you downloaded my latest super-awesome mod, but it has sounds, icons or something else you don't want. Since I'm not going to upload 500 different versions of the same mod to please everyone, why not learn how to remove it yourself? What you can do...
How to make Crowbar, GCFScape and VTFEdit working on GNU/Linux and Mac OS X
by xDShot™
This guide explains how to install Crowbar, GCFScape and VTFEdit on Linux or Mac OS X and get them working. These tools are necessary for modding of Left 4 Dead 2 and any game on Source Engine....
Guía para imagen con movimiento en Left4Dead2 (SPRAY)
by BgB - Bill ® "Chile"
Hola a todos después de un tiempo vuelvo con una nueva guía, esta vez veremos cómo transformar una imagen GIF en VTF que es el formato que permite importar L4D2 para las imágenes con movimiento...¡todo eso para utilizar el spray en las partidas! Cua...
how 2 survive teh zombie apollo-crisp
by Maikeru
dis is a guide on teh ancomen zemb apoco-crisp...
Compiling World Models
by ☤ Dok̨tor haus̨
Learn to compile world models for weapons. All you need is a reference SMD, a basic QC and a batch compiler. World models are any models which appear outside the player's first-person perspective. This term applies to map props, third-person survivor a...
How to uncensore L4D2
by ‡∙Osiris
How to Uncensore L4D2! complete blood splattering, organ thrashing mayhem unleashed! Simple process, no file modification required....
How to Troll in L4D2
by ᴰᴿᴬᴳᴼᴺ
Are you one of the most childish faces on the planet? Do you seek nothing but to feast off of the anger of other enraged players? Is your only game to play Left 4 Dead 2? This guide will teach you how to master the dark arts of trolling when it comes to T...
Left 4 Dead 2 Uncut Patch [Deutsche Version]
by lmbx
Wenn euch die Zensur in der Deutschen Version auch nicht gefällt könnt ihr dies ändern, alles was ihr benötigt ist ein kleines Hilfsprogramm welches vor dem Start von Left 4 Dead 2 ausgeführt wird und das Spiel Uncut patcht. Solltet ihr euch dazu ...
Guia básico para instalação de plugins do SourceMod
by Kotz
Guia voltado para instalação e configuração de plugins do SourceMod para single-player e multiplayer em servidor local....
Left 4 Dead 2 With All 8 Survivors Tutorial
by XD001
This guide essentially tells you how to use all 8 survivors in campaigns and survival maps without the need for SourceMod....
Left 4 Dead 2 Survivor Ragdolls
by Xaflu
This guide will show you how to have survivor ragdolls in your game once again. This doesn't work online (but you can still play with your friends, and they don't have to download anything to make it work) and makes the defib useless (also obviously). ...
How to Uncensor the Australian Edition
by Kill-Cam Celebrity
In case you haven't heard, good news: The Australian Ratings Board has unbanned the real L4D2! Just follow these steps to percieve the zombie apocalypse with unreasonably high amounts of carnage!...
Быстрый способ сделать Спрей с прозрачностью и качественно!
Спрей для L4D/TF/CS за 3 минуты с высочайшим качеством! Доселе не видано в интернетах! Спешите видеть!...
How to play Splitscreen with 2 xbox 360 controllers
by kesuga7
So i try to make guide to make it as easy as possible to get splitscreen working with 2 xbox 360 controllers because i was kind of confused how to even do it myself #1
How to succeed in L4D2.
by ℐℎℯ †Pancakes†
This is how to ultimately succeed in "L4D2."...
How to Play with the PS3 Or Xbox Controllers After you got Motion Joy
by Jolteon
Trouble Setting up PS3 Or Xbox Controller You came to the right place!...
L4D2 Sourcemods
by My3DS_
Como usar los ADD-ONS en Left4dead 2
by BgB - Bill ® "Chile"
Tutorial para los ADD-ONS de Left4Dead Hola amigos en este tutorial describiremos como descargar un ADD-ONS en el WORKSHOP ya sea para un Mods o Campañas de ampliación. Lo primero que deben hacer obviamente es abrir el juego una vez h...
Create Custom Gunfire Sound Mod(English/繁中/日本語/簡中)
by Richard
en-US: In this tutorial, I'll teach you to customize your dedicated gunfire sound mod for Left 4 Dead series games. Except English text, other languages text was generated by Google Translator, please understand if you find some grammar errors. zh-TW: ...
Importar imagen para el Grafity en Left4Dead 2
by BgB - Bill ® "Chile"
Importar imagen para el Grafity en Left4Dead Hola a todos los amigos del team acá les dejo el tutorial de cómo cambiar el Aerosol o spray que se utiliza en el juego, esta inquietud que me la han traspasado algunos amigos y acá resolveremos v...
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