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Как быстро вырубить танка
by ✪RagaboY
Действие Left 4 dead 2
by ✪RagaboY
Действие Left 4 Dead 2 переносит нас на юг США, где четверка героев будет расчищать себе путь к зоне эвакуации в Новом Орлеане. От кого расчищать? ...
Versus Tips for New Players
by Black Jesus
Tips for new and experienced players alike. Versus is an intresting gamemode enjoyed by many. If you want to improve your skills, look no further....
How To Beat Me
by Black Jesus
Want to know how to beat Black Jesus?...
COMIC Left 4 Dead: WITCH [ENG]
by Ms.P
I hope that all fans of well-known zombie-shooter "Left 4 Dead" will like this comix. I decided to present you my own version of appearance one of the deadliest and merciless game characters - Witch. After you read the comix, you'll understand why she cri...
☣ Versus tips ☣
by ☣Kaernk☣
This guide is meant for those new to "versus" in left 4 dead 2. I will bring up common mistakes people make and why you shouldn't do like that way....
Комикс о том, как Ведьма стала Ведьмой.
by Ms.P
Я решила изобразить свою версию появления одного из самых смертоносных и беспощадных персонажей игры - Ведьмы. Прочитав комикс, Вы поймёте,...
How to rek the community beyond rekognition
by devin
In this guide, you'll learn how to ruin the community and slowly drive people away from a game. Just follow this guide and you'll be an annoying asshole who gets insta kicked from all games in no time!...
How To Download Non-Workshop Items Onto L4D2
by Oppressive OTA Unit
Want to download a bot-navigation addon? Or perhaps the story between The Sacrafice and Blood Harvest? Well you can now! You may know "Hey i want to download this but its not on the steam workshop and i dont know how to download this". But,this guide will...
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