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How To Troll
by Envy 羨望❤️
Are you bored and want to mess around? Ha, I feel you. Welcome to my guide based on teaching you how to troll. I'll have you know, doing anything within this guide can result with you getting vote kicked and possibly banned from the community. This is at ...
How To Download Non-Workshop Items Onto L4D2
by Oppresive OTA Unit
Want to download a bot-navigation addon? Or perhaps the story between The Sacrafice and Blood Harvest? Well you can now! You may know "Hey i want to download this but its not on the steam workshop and i dont know how to download this". But,this guide will...
(L4D2) Infection Guide: Insane respawns
by W roots.gc
Video Guide: 1. Every wall is a spot. 2. Can respawn away from the survivors vision. 3. In ALL maps, exists "special spots" to respawn. If you think which your skills are good, visit us 10vs10 VS! Server#1 Server#2 ...
How to pause as the host/mod
by G.
How to pause as the host (or given host privileges) in a game, and only YOU can pause/unpause. Be it to take a break or discuss tactics, being a host has its advantages ;)...
How to summon BAD GUY NICK
by pokoj w szkocji
this is a short NO NONSENSE guide how to actually summon this nasty motherfukker BAD GUY NICK to appear ingame...
Left 4 dead 2 (Français) Fr.Sacrifice.
by [Fr] Sacrifice
Dernière mise à jour : 2015 04 25 Midnight Riders The Ride... Bonjour et bienvenue sur ce guide qui a pour but de vous guider au travers du jeu Left 4 dreads 2... Vous y trouverez tout pour débuter le jeu avec mon expérience en plus... Les 70 succè...
by Cont120616
如果在自製地圖中有發現天空或場景破圖現象 請將遊戲內設定的“SHADER細節”調為“中~很高”,不要調成“低” 如果是物件的破圖請下載 Valve's Missing Content Fi...
Comment devenir Modder sur L4D2 - FR
by Fouka
Ce Guide va vous permettre de devenir "Modder" sur Left 4 Dead 2 ! Si vous avez aimé, n'hésiter pas à évaluer le guide ;) Ce Guide sera comme un tutorial, il y aura plusieurs étapes pour réaliser ce guide. Je suis un des seuls Modders Fran...
Custom Spritesheets
by Jules
For Source devs. These are the missing bits of information needed to create animated sprite sheets for Left 4 Dead's particle system. Follow any TF2 or Half-Life guide (video on Youtube or otherwise) and supplement with the rest here which includes some...
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