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how to prepare for left 4 dead 3
by My 4nicashun
This is my guide on how to live and survive and prepare for left 4 dead 3 First: Build a bunker while you wait its gonna take a while for this game to come out so its enough time to build a bunker because when the game does come out you are gnna wan...
How to win the Survival game mode!
by Szonikus [FSAT]
8/10 Australians said this guide effectively improved their mental and physical state --WARNING-- Only works if u are pro 420 no_sc0per...
Pontuação modo Versus - Score Versus mode!
by Bio & Tefi
Pontuação do modo Versus em todos as campanhas - Score Versus mode in all the campaigns!...
Level of Difficulty
by Bharteck a.k.a iRekt
Hello everyone, i'm gonna teach you about Difficulties in L4D2. First of all what is difficulty? Difficulty is that something that you see on games on consols/YT/ and others. While going to Play Campaign theres 4 options, if you're playing for the f...
by Cuba
В ящиках со знаком "аптечка" большая вероятность ее найти)...
EN PTBR Começando no modo Expert ~ Starting in Expert mode
by reese
Algumas dicas simples que vão te ajudar no Expert: Few simples tips that will help you on Expert mode: 1º Nunca rushe, ande sempre perto de pelo menos um companheiro. Never rush, walk always close to at least one survivor. ...
how to fix missing addons
by steve ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
have you downloaded an addon for l4d2 and it wont show up in the menu or in game? ive had this problem and fixed it...
Newbies Gudie to L4D2 And Game Content
by Norville "Shaggy" Rogers (PVT)
Heya im here to teach you New Players about Left For Dead Two Introduction: So im pretty sure you downloaded an installed L4D2 if im correct well then if you did, or you didn't and are wanting a guide for you then lets get started! SinglePlayer: now...
Hunter jumping tutorial with Ceiling jumps!!! (Video)
by high★grizzly
Hunter jumps : Check out other videos ! ...
Good "Survival" Technique for Left 4 Dead 2: Dark Carnival: Hotel
by decco6226
My friends and I figured out a really good technique for the Hotel mission in Dark Carnival Survival. It was really fun and intense, so I wrote this guide so you can try it with your friends - or by yourself if you want to....
Checklist of Things to do on Left 4 Dead 2
by Ghost
A list of things to do while playing Left 4 Dead 2 if you get bored....
Meet the Modders of L4D2
by Tя!cky ツ
Hello, come and meet your Modders!...
Left 4 Dead 2: Best Pro Tips and Tricks
by Paradox~Prototype
Left 4 Dead 2: Best Pro Tips and Tricks...
Left 4 dead 2 introduction for Newbies.
by King
introduction for Newbies...
老手 & 新手 生存★必備的小知識★
by ゞSmall☆豹ヾʕ •ᴥ•ʔ彡
Things You (maybe) Never Knew of in L4D2 [VIDEO GUIDE]
by Dom
This is a VIDEO guide to tips, tricks, glitches and eastereggs. Observations, strategies and secrets explained on every map in every campaign in L4D2. Things you never knew....
Deathcraft easter eggs
by RobertRilh The Fabulous
Now i will help you to do the deathcraft secret easter egg to get the "encahnced sword" and fight agaisnt the ender dragon so lets go!...
Survival Guide and Gameplay L4D 1 and 2.
by PancakePolice
This serves to both left 4 dead 1 to left 4 dead 2....
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