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how to stop hunter crashing glitch.
by Groose the big guy
is the hunter crashing your game? lucky you i know how to stop him from doing so!...
Tips and tricks for killing a Tank
by zachl29
This guide will teach you how to effectivley kill a tank. Ill also be telling you things you might have not known! If this guide seems to have any of the other tank guide's info/tips on it I apologize, as i didn't have the time to look through them all....
How remove weapon
by * Serjik *
you can remove weapon in this game and it's very easy for this best use program notepad++ edit file server.dll, which located in folder bin for example weapon_hunting_rifle_spawn change on weapon_hunting_rifli_spawn also possible remove np...
How to properly use a saferoom door
by m30w
How to properly use a saferoom door. I've noticed over the years that even players with thousands and thousands of hours seem to struggle to understand an arguably vastly complex concept. So i'm going to explain to you the mechanics behind and further you...
Basic Dev Commands
by Hunter
This Guide Will Teach You All The Basic Cheats And How To Enable Them! We Have From Spawing Wepons To Distabling Spawns With The Tuch Of A Button!...
亲手打造您的“动态喷漆” (Create Your Animated SPRAY)
by 中山草泥羊
动态喷漆制作教程,不要用来搞工口等等亮瞎狗眼的图哟(╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I tried to make a English version for it, please forgive my bad grammar... Thank you all ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ...
Como activar y utilizar ADMIN SYSTEM (utilizar comandos en el juego)
by BgB - Bill ® "Chile" 2.0
Hola a todos nuevamente con una guía para Left4Dead 2 esta vez para explicar brevemente el uso del ADMIN SYSTEM el cual nos sirve para utilizar comandos en el juego, si bien la consola nos permite introducir comandos el VAC de Steam los bloquea, para eso...
How to find addon folder and workshop addon folder
by Platinum
In this guide i will explain you how to find "addon folder & workshop addon folder" First you must find where you installed steam!...
How to Series: #2 - No Mercy Shortcut
by flonterfiveO
Q: No Mercy shortcut? The one on the 1st chapter? MEH! ALREADY KNOW THAT! A: Dumbass island shithole... Yeayeayea, whatever. Just telling you that this here has an extra, really valuable something. You will need: 1. A friend. A really trustable frien...
How to: Expert Campaign
by rage ϟ
Just an informational guide that can help anyone complete a Campaign on Expert Difficulty....
How to hear Special Infected better with dsp_volume!
by 3bx
Use non-cheat flagged CVars (console variables) to increase your accuracy of directional sound in Left4Dead 2! Removing un-wanted immersion and echoing... Find that crouching Boomer today! (WORKS FOR USB AND ANALOG USERS, STEREO/5.1/7.1)...
RMS Titanic in video
by jatbox
This guide will show you how to pass RMS Titanic map. Only right path, no scrabbling....
how to be a jacket in Hotline Miami :P
Just smash people with baseball bat thing....
Connection Failed After 10 Retries Fix
by 150cc
This is a quick and efficient fix to the issue regarding the "Sending UDP connect to **Private IP**" loop seen in Console. Extremely simple, involves launch options. Originally discovered and implemented by [url=
How To get money with l4d2
by GFG Kawaii Kyzira ㋛
Step 1: Buy Left 4 Dead 2 Step 2: ??? Step 3: F*ck B*tches Step 4: Get Money Step 5: Make Profit Step 6(optional): Be Kawaii Step X(optional): If your dick got stuck, use Norton Antivirus (Avira Antivirus for the poor ones) ...
How To Jump!
by ☢☣ Buttery Vengeance ☣☢
the best guide on how to jump in the game of Left 4 Dead 2!...
L4D2: Tips Everyone Should Know
by K.U.G
This is mostly for beginners and slightly seasoned with salt and pepper players. If you've been seasoned with paprika, or any of the advanced spices, then this guide is probably not for you. Also, I couldn't really think of a picture, so this one is to yo...
How to be pro at l4d2
by Brickspace
in this guide i show how yuo can be the best ...
Animated spray in Left 4 Dead
by FadyFoxa
The management helps to learn how to create and establish the animated spray in Left 4 Dead. Ingredients for spray preparation: VTFEdit, minimum skills of drawing and pinch of the imagination. ...
Creation spray for game Left 4 Dead
by FadyFoxa
In this manual it is written how to create and import spray in the game Left 4 Dead {1-2} Spray was created in the Adobe Photoshop CS 6. It is possible to use the Paint.Net, SprayR or GIMP. ...
Expert noob (part 1)
by Shallawy
I played expert a lot of times and I die nearly everytime (Mainly because I only played 65 hours) I was thinking to myself on how to make expert mod a lot easier. Let me tell you what I came up with. (Sorry for the bad english)...
Left 4 Dead 2 Strat Roulette
by Claire Farron
Strat Roulettes can be found in a bunch of games already. The most known one propbably being CS:GO. My friends and I were bored while playing against a team that... wasn't doing too well against us so we started going with different strategies to handicap...
How to never get kicked from a game
by James
This guide will be the first few steps to never being kicked again!...
by Tя!cky ツ
Mods Will Void Your Warranty!...
How to be: Good
by ☾ᴄᴀɴᴀʀʏ☽
Advice from the inside on how to last in a game with other players as well as how to avoid the infamous, Vote Kick....
[L4D2 Modding] : VMT Edit for Modders (WIP)
by Ellie
This guide aims to provide tutorials and explainations to L4D2 and other games Modders about what's possible to do with Valve Material files (VMT), with concrete examples and code. It will regullary be updated but is still being written....
Engen error
by lightning96321
I'm trying to play "The PASSING" and everytime it lodes it closes and telles me theres an error ...
3 tips for finding good teams in lobbies
by Demon Of Razgriz
473 hours into L4D2, and these are some general tips or themes I have picked up on when in lobbies, and have seen the results while in-game....
by DSC | B34tZ
Understanding of Booster-Packs: How to get them and What to do with them...
How to find glitching spots/How to correctly do them
by §§Bills Cat
I will teach you how to find glitching spots, and how to do them perfectly....
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